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John Bagley

Fiction: Humourous Fiction

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John Bagley - Novelist, Writer of Humorous Novels

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There are precious few publication details in the books written by John Bagley and that includes the dates of publication. It has taken some considerable effort to establish that the same author wrote each of the titles below and then to get them into stock to check. There are a few authors of the same name writing around the same time and it is difficult to rule out these being the same person. The books below are the humorous novels, are extremely rare, but also very obscure. We believe the author lived in South East London or Kent; and welcome any information anyone can supply to us on this author

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Titles to Look Out For:
[in alphabetical order]
High Heeled Yvonne
The Maid Who Was A Man
Naked Spirit
Nice Carryings On
Wasp-Waisted Arabella

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Bagley, John. 'High-Heeled Yvonne', published in 1943 in hardback by Herbert Joseph, 208pp. Condition: Clean, intact, but vintage. No dustjacket. Green cloth exterior is faded, discoloured and water-stained in places. Price: £125.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1943, Herbert Joseph, hardback
In stock, click to buy for £125.00, not including p&p. Price reflects scarcity

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  • High Heeled Yvonne [top]
    First published in 1943 (according to the British Library) in Great Britain by Michael Joseph in hardback (green cloth), 208pp. Printed at Sevenoaks by Knole Park Press Ltd

Story involves a wealthy young couple where the husband Baron Dawlish decides to go to Paris to meet up with a young lady called Yvonne whilst his wife is away. Yvonne was recommended to him by his wife's brother, Aubrey. When Baron Drawlish meets Yvonne, she is not all she seems to be, which could have something to do with the fact that the letter recommending Yvonne to Baron Drawlish was intercepted by his wife...! Plenty of room here for misunderstandings and humourous plot intrigue. Skillfully & well written, rather in the style of P. G. Wodehouse's Uncle Fred what with the devices of characters not being who they purport to be and webs of fabricated truths coming untangled!

1. Lady Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde
2. Playing with fire
3. The Promenade At the Folies-Bergeres
4. Compromising Situations
5. A Little House in Maida Vale
6. The End of Masquerade
7. Buttered on both sides

Lady Drawlish "Muriel"
Reginald Drawlish, third baron Drawlish of Drawlish in the County of Mudshire, husband of Lady Drawlish
Aubrey Champney, Lady Drawlish's brother
The Dean of Pullchester, Dean Champney, Lady Drawlish's father
Yvonne Duval, or rather Davette, the "Yvonne" in the story, introduced by letter to Reginald by Aubrey, with said letter being intercepted by Lady Drawlish
Jules Lafont, silk merchant from Lyons, fellow passenger to Lady Drawlish (now travelling under the name Yvonne Davette) in the first class compartment on the train to Paris
Madame Busson, owner of the Hotel Circe in Paris
Madame Lucette Picard, a lady that Lady Drawlish meets at the café on the corner facing the Moulin Rouge
Tony, former boyfiend to Yvonne, who then fell in love with Doreen Westerton
Detective Inspector Smales, Criminal Investigation Department, from the Alien Registration


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