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David Gascoyne

Poetry and Prose; Surrealism

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David Gascoyne - Poetry & Prose
b. 10 October 1916, d. 25 November 2001)

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Titles to Look Out For:
1932. Roman Balcony
1933. Opening Day
1935. Short Survey of Surrealism
1936. Man's Life is This Meat
1938. Holderlin's Madness
1950. A Vagrant and Other Poems
1956. Night Thoughts
1965. Collected Poems
1994. Selected Poems
1996. Selected Verse Translations
1998. David Gascoyne. Selected Prose 1934-1996 edited by Roger Scott with an introduction by Kathleen Raine

About David Gascoyne
David Gascoyne was born in 1916 and published his first book of poetry when he was only sixteen years old - 'Roman Balcony'; which was followed by his only novel 'Opening Day' (1933), Man's Life is This Meat' (1936), and 'Holderlin's Madness' (1938). These works established him as a powerful and original voice in the 1930s, which was also a time when he was becoming an early advocate of surrealism. His 'Short Survey of Surrealism' appeared in 1935, and in 1936 he was one of the organisers of the London International Surrealist Exhibition. He became friends with several exponents of the surrealist movement in the 1930s when he lived in France in 1937 - 1939: Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, André Breton, Paul Eluard and Pierre Jen Jouve. He returned to live in France in 1947 - 48 and 1953 - 64.

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Scott, Roger (ed.). 'David Gascoyne: Selected Prose 1934-1996', published in 1998 in Great Britain in hardback with dustjacket, 462pp, ISBN 1900564017. Sorry, sold out, but click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon UK
1998, Enitharmon Press, hbk
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  • David Gascoyne: Selected Prose 1934 -1996 [top]
    Edited by Roger Scott; with an introduction by Kathleen Raine
    First published in 1998 in Great Britain by the Enitharmon Press, in hardback with dustjacket, 462pp, ISBN 1900564017. Jacket Picture: Julian Trevelyan - 'To Break A Butterfly Upon A Wheel (1936-37), oil and pencil on board. Jacket design by Sutchinda Rangsi Thompson
    There was also published a rare, limited edition of 50 copies signed by David Gascoyne, Roger Scott and Kathleen Raine, ISBN 1900564068

About this book: David Gascoyne is best known worldwide for his outstanding achievements as a poet and translator, but he was also well known for the impact his Journal 1936-37 and Paris Journal 1937-1939 had, which were published late in his career. This collection of his prose from 1934 to 1996 includes many contributions made to magazines, and thus lost for years due to the inaccessibility of the material. It also includes some pieces never published before. The items in this book are likely to astonish even those familiar with his work - they range from statements about poetry, answers to questionnaires, essays and reviews, to memoirs and obituaries of fellow poets, friends, writers, artists, writings about Existentialism, Surrealism and Alchemy, and two Surrealist Film Scenarios. They reflect his continuing engagement with the changing context of his times and his close involvement with and response to luminary figures in the twentieth-century aret and literature

Select Bibliography; Acknowledgements; Preface; Introduction

Section 1
The Future of Lyric Imagination
A Kind of Declaration
David Gascoyne in Interview

Answers to 'An Enquiry'
Authors Take Sides on the Spanish Civil War
A Comment on Auden
Authors Take Sides on the Falklands
On the State of Poetry

Section 2
Frency Poetry of Today
Poetry and Reality
Note on Symbolism
Léon Chestov
Thomas Carlyle
A New Poem by Pierre Jean Jouve: 'Language'
The Sun at Midnight
My Indebtedness to Jouve
The Poet and the City
Meetings with Benjamin Fondane
The Most Astonishing Book in the English Language

Friedrich Holderlin
Poets of Tomorrow
Kenneth Patchen
A Little Anthology of Existentialist Thought
Benjamin Fondane
T. S. Eliot
Roland Penrose
Benjamin Péret
Novalis and the Night
Elizabeth Smart

Section 3
Self Discharged
David Wright
Antonia White;
Geoffrey Grigson
Edgar Morin
S. W. Hayter
Julian Trevelyan
Salvador Dali
Eileen Agar
PL Editions and Graham Sutherland
Lawrence Durrell
George Barker

Section 4
Some Recent Art Exhibitions
Henry Miller
F. T. Prince
Denis Roche
Marcel Jouhandeau
Angelos Sikelianos
Jeremy Reed
Julien Green
Vincent van Gogh
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Humphrey Jennings
John Cornford / Christopher Caudwell
Pierre Jean Jouve
Vernon Watkins

Section 5
Paul Eluard
Paul Eluard/Hugh Skyes Davies
Two Surrealist Film Scenarios: 1) Procession to the Private Sector & 2) History of the Womb or Nine Months' Horror
Louis Aragon
René Char
André Breton and Philippe Soupault
Archives du Surrealisme
Francis Picabia
Gala Eluard
Leonora Carrington
Max Ernst / Man Ray
André Breton

Section 6
Blind Man's Buff


Other Works by David Gascoyne



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