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Building A Successful Customer-service Culture. A Guide for Library and Information Managers

Melling, Maxine; and Little, Joyce (eds.) 'Building A Successful Customer-Service Culture: A Guide for Library and Information Managers', published by Facet Publishing in 2004 (reprint) in hardback, 212pp, ISBN 1856044491. Condition: Like new, unused copy. Price: £36.85, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
2004, Facet Publishing, hbk

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About this book/synopsis: The drive to exceed customer requirements in library and information centres as they move/or rather moved into the 21st Century highlighted the need to focus on getting quality management in place. The customer service 'language' has been a preoccupation for some time in this sector and is familiar to its workers; and many of the techniques employed in getting good customer service in place are well-known. But, the worry has been that customer service might be seen as a 'bolt-on' to existing core provision which takes the form of feedback mechanisms, information leaflets and customer-training sessions.

What does this book chiefly aim to do? This book addresses the problem of helping managers to get beyond merely acknowledging the need for good customer service such that it is embedded in the culture of their services, via strategic and operational management. It achieves its aim by employing contributions from LIS professionals with extensive experience in the management of public and academic services and each chapter presents a good practice guide to an element of strategic or operational management where the customer is the pivotal focus.

General issues covered are:
The user's perspective
Leadership and management
Human Resource Planning
Marketing as a Tool for LIS managers
Assuring Quality
Planning Buildings for Customers and Services
Developing A Service Culture Through Partnerships
Virtual Service

The Contributors
1. The Users' Perspective: A Personal View
Graham Matthews

2. Planning and Policy Making
Sheila Corrall

3. Leadership and management
Robert Gent and Grace Kempster

4. Human Resource Planning
John M. Pulse and Alix Craven

5. Keeping focused on our customers: marketing as a tool for library and information managers
Christopher West

6. Assuring Quality
Bill Macnaught and Mary Fleming

7. Planning academic library buildings for customers and services
Professor Andrew McDonald

8. Developing a service culture through partnerships
Maxine Melling and Joyce Little

9. Virtual Service
R. David Lankes



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