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Jude Fisher
A.k.a Gabriel King


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Jude Fisher

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Titles to Look Out For:
2002. Sorcery Rising: Book One of Fool's Gold

About the Author:
Jude Fisher is the pseudonym for Jane Johnson, publishing director of HarperCollins SF imprint Voyager. She held at the time of publication of Sorcery Rising in 2002, two literature degrees, specialising in Anglo Saxon and Old Icelandic texts, and is also a qualified lecturer. For the last 17 years, Jane has been the publisher of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. She is the author of the official Visual Companions series to Peter Jackson's movie trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, and with M. John Harrison has had four novels published under the pseudonym of Gabriel King: Wild Road, Golden Cat, Knot Garden, and Nonesuch.

Fisher, Jude. 'Sorcery Rising: Book One of Fool's Gold', published in 2002 by Earthlight, in pbk, 502pp, 0743220927. Ex-library copy, very clean,with some library stamps. Price:£2.85, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard price (currently £2.75 for UK buyers and more for overseas customers)
2002, Earthlight
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Story: From the barren isles of the North come the Eyrans. Hardy seafaring folk. From the South come their old enemies, the Istrians. Slave-owners, who drove the Eyrans from their lands. And from all over Elda come the nomadic peoples-the Footloose-purveyors of charms and (until now) harmless potions. But whence comes the sorcery that disrupts the annual Allfair at which they all gather? Katla Aransen and her family have sailed to the fair to trade their goods. The Vingo clan have travelled from Istria to purchase a bride for their appalling eldest son. Tycho Issian has come to sell his daugther to the highest bidder. King Ravn Asharson, Stallion of the North, seeks a political alliance; while others seek his downfall.

For centuries, Elda has been bereft of magic; but this year something has changed. A mysterious force is abroad once more, and it will change the world forever.


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