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Scottish Traditional Tales

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Scottish Traditional Tales
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2007. Scottish Traditional Tales edited by A. J. Bruford and D. A. Macdonald
1985. Strange Scottish Stories

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Bruford, A. J.; Macdonald, D. A. 'Scottish Traditional Tales' published in 2007 in Great Britain by Birlinn. Sorry, sold out, but click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon UK
2007, Birlinn, pbk
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  • Scottish Traditional Tales [top]
    Edited by Alan Bruford and Donald A. MacDonald
    First published in 1994 in Great Britain by Polygon
    Reprinted in 2003 and again in 2007 in Great Britain by Birlinn Ltd, in paperback, 488pp, ISBN 1841582646. Cover design by James Hutcheson; Cover Painting 'The Legend' by George Paul Chalmers (1833-1878)
    Original UK retail price when first sold: £12.99

About this book: All over the world, traditional tales were told at the fireside until their place came to be taken by books, newspapers, radio and television. This is an entertaining collection from Scotland recorded and collected by researchers from the School of Scottish Studies at Edinburgh University over the past fifty years. Taken from a variety of sources, from the Hebridean Gaelic tradition to recordings of Lowland cairds (travelling people), some are well-knonw tales which have equivalents in other cultures, whilst others are unique to Scotland. Including almost a hundred tales, the book is arranged thematically and is the most wide-ranging introduction to this fascinating part of Scotland's heritage available

Contents (Tales translated from the Gaelic are marked with a *; stories collected from a manuscript rather than a tape are marked with M)
Introduction by Alan Bruford
Children's Tales
1a. The Old Man with the Ear of Corn* by Dolly Ann MacDougall, Colonsay
1b. The Old Man with the Grain of Barley* by Kate Dix, Berneray-Harris
2. The Grey Goat* by Hugh MacKinnon, Eigg
3a. The Fox and the Wolf and the Butter* by Calum Johnston, Barra
3b. The Cats and the Christening by Tom Tulloch, Yell
4. The Boy and the Bruni by Tom Tulloch
5. The Wee Bird by Jimmy McPhee, Perthshire
6. Liver and Lights by Jeannie Durie, Fife (M)

Fortune Tales
7. Silly Jack and the Lord's Daughter by Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen
8. The Tale of the Brown Calf* by Elizabeth Mackinnon (M)/Annie Johnston, Barra
9. The Three Feathers by Andrew Stewart, Perthshire
10. The Green Man of Knowledge by Geordie Stewart, Aberdeenshire
11. Lasair Gheug, the King of Ireland's Daughter* by Mrs MacMillan, Strathtay (M)
12. Suil-a-Dia and Suil-a-Sporain* by Donald Alasdair Johnson, South Uist
13. Ceann Suic* by Christine Fleming, Berneray-Harris
14. The Captain of the Black Ship* by Angus John MacPhail, North Uist
15. The Three Good Advices by Andrew Stewart

Hero Tales
16. The Story of the Cook* by Alasdair Stewart, E. Ross
17. Conall Gulbann* by Angus MacLellan, ,South Uist
18. The Man in the Cassock by Duncan MacDonald, South Uist
19. The Story of Ossian* by Alasdair 'Brian' Stewart, E. Ross
20. The Princess and the Pups by Betsy Whyte, Montrose

Trickster Tales
21. The History of Kitty Ill-Pretts by Jeannie Durie, Fife (M)
22. Riobaidh and Robaidh and Brionnaidh* by Neil Gillies, Barra
23. The Butler's Son* by Samuel Thorborn, Skye
24. The Farmer Who Went Back on his Agreement* by Angus John MacPhail, North Uist
25. Willie Take-a-Seat* by Reverend Norman Macdonald, Skye
26. The Parson's Sheep by Gilbert Voy, Orkney, Glasgow
27. How to Diddel by George Jamieson, Selkirk
28. The Tailor and His Wife* by Alasdair Stewart, E. Ross
29. The Wren* by Alasdair Stewart ('Aili Dall'), Sutherland

Other Cleverness, Stupidity and Nonsense
30a. The King's Three Questions* by Angus Henderson, Mull
30b. The King and the Miller by John Stewart, Perthshire
30c. Donald and the Skull* by Donald John MacKinnon, Barra
31. The One-Eyed Miller and the Dumb Englishman* by Colin Morrison, Lewis
32. The Poor Man's Clever Daughter* by Peter Stewart, Lewis
33. Silly Jack and the Factor by Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen
34. The Wandering Piper by Willie McPhee, Perthshire
35. Cailleach nan Cnu and Taillear nan Clar* by Alasdair MacArthur, Islay
36. The Minister and the Straw by Tom Tulloch, Yell
37. Strunty Pokes by Jeannie Durie, Fife (M)
38. The Flayed Horse by Tom Tulloch
39. Keep a Cool Head! by David Work, Shapinsay

Fate, Morals and Religion
40. The Skipper Who Marooned a Girl* by Peter Morrison, Grimsay
41. The Herdie Boy by James Henderson, South Ronaldsay
42. Turning the Sark by Tom Moncrieff, Shetland
43. The Stolen Blankets by Jack Cockburn, Berwickshire
44a. The Sanday Man's Drowning by Willie Ritch, Stronsay
44b. The Stronsay Man's Drowning by Tom Stevenson, Stronsay
45. Ham and Eggs by Roderick Mackenzie, South Ronaldsay
46. Paring Cheese by Ethel Findlater, Orkney
47. Christ and the Hens and Ducks* by Roderick MacDonald, North Uist
48. Why the Beetle is Blind by Duncan Williamson, Argyll, Fife
49. The Man Stopped Going to Church* by Angus MacLeod
50. The King of Halifax* by Donald Alasdair Johnson, South Uist
51. St. Fillan and the White Snake* by Duncan Matheson, Kintail

Origin and Didactic Legends
52. The Hugboy by Mrs J. J. Leith, Orkney
53. Dubh a' Ghiubhais* by Ann Munro, W. Ross
54. The Pabbay Mother's Ghost* by Nan MacKinnon, Vatersay
55a. Luran and Laras* by Duncan MacDonald, South Uist (M)
55b. Luran* by Calum Johnston, Barra
55c. Peerie Merran's Spun by Tom Tulloch, Yell
56. Black John of the Blizzard* by Angus MacKenzie, North Uist

Legends of Ghosts and Evil Spirits
57. MacPhail of Uisinnis* by Duncan MacDonald, South Uist (M)
58. Mor Princess of Lochlann* by Duncan MacDonald (M)
59. Myze Key by Tom Tulloch, Yell
60a. Alasdair Mor Mac Iain Laidir by Donald Alec MacEachen, Benbecula
60b. The Night Fishermen* by Mary MacLean, Grimsay
61. MacPhee's Black Dog* by Peter MacCormick, Benbecula
62a. Airidh an t-Sluic* by Duncan MacDonald (M)
62b. The Cock and the Skipper by Tom Robertson, Shetland
63. Tarbh na Leoid* by Donald MacDougall, North Uist

Legends of Fairies and Sea-Folk
64a. Dancing in the Fairy Hill* by Alasdair MacDougall, Lochaber
64b. The Fiddler o Gord by George Peterson, Papa Stour
65. The Humph at the Fit o the Glen by Bella Higgins, Perthshire
66a. The Thirsty Ploughman* by Kate Dix, Berneray-Harris
66b. The Hungry Ploughman* by Duncan MacDonald, S. Uist
67. The Tale of the Cauldron* by Calum Johnstone, Barra
68. Baking in Creag Hastain* by Donald MacDougall, North Uist
69a. Johnnie in the Cradle by Andrew Stewart, Perthshire
69b. A Fairy Changeling by Nan MacKinnon, Vatersay
70a. A Woman Saved from the Fairies* by Angus MacLellan, S. Uist
70b. A Dead Wife among the Fairies by Sydney Scott, North Ronaldsay
71. A Man Lifted by the Sluagh* by Angus MacMillan, Benbecula
72. A Man with a Fairy Lover* by Nan MacKinnon
73a. The Fairy Suitor Foiled* by Kate Dix
73b. Keeping Out the Sea Man by James Henderson, S. Ronaldsay
74. MacCodrum's Seal Wife* by Donald MacDougall
75. Rescued by a Seal by Mrs. Anderson, Fetlar
76. The Limpet Pick by Andrew Hunter, Shetland
77. The Magic Island by James Henderson
78. The Last Trow in Yell by Tom Tulloch, Yell

Legends of Witchcraft
79. The Broonie by Betsy Whyte, Montrose
80. 'London Again!'* by Angus MacLellan, S. Uist
81. The Tailor and the Fishing Wives* by Peter Morrison, Grimsay
82. Duart's Daughter* by Nan MacKinnon, Vatersay
83a. The Three Knots( by Donald MacLellan, N. Uist
83b. The Three Knots by Andrew Hunter, Shetland
84. Dark Lachlan and the Witches* by William Matheson, N. Uist
85. John MacLachlan and the Girl* by Donald Sinclair, Tiree
86. The Dancing Reapers* by William MacDonald, Arisaig
87a. The Borrowed Peats by Tom Moncrieff, Shetland
87b. The Borrowed Peats* by Nan MacKinnon, Vatersay
88. Milk in a Tagel by Nan MacKinnon

Robbers, Archers and Clan Feuds
89. The Girl Who Killed the Raiders* by Malcolm Robertson, N. Uist
90. Spog Bhuidhe* by Donald MacDougall, N. Uist
91. Dark Finlay of the Deer* by John Finlayson, Lochalsh
92. Gille-Padruig Dubh* by Duncan MacDonald, S. Uist
93. Gaun Tait and the Bear by Tom Tulloch, Yell
94. The Earl of Mar a Fugitive* by John MacDonald, Lochaber
95a. Paul of the Thong* by Angus MacLellan, N. Uist
95b. Murchadh Gearr's Birth* by Donald Morrison, Mull
95c. Murchadh Gearr's Return by Donald Morrison
96. The Battle of Traigh Ghruinneart* by Gilbert Clark, Islay
Select Bibliography; Notes; Index of Storytellers


Scottish Tales

Highland Tales

Scottish Clans
Owen, William (author, compiler, illustrator): 'Strange Scottish Stories', published in 1985 in Great Britain by Jarrold Colour Publications in paperback, 143pp, ISBN 0853069190. Condition: Very good vintage condition copy, clean and tidy, with some very light tanning to internal pages (browning effect from ageing). Price: £3.55, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1985, Jarrold Colour Publications, pbk
In stock, click to buy for £3.55, not including post and packing

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About this book/synopsis: Contained within this book are 15 Scottish stories of the supernatural, a genre of story that has long been popular and numerous in the Scottish highlands where there is a long tradition of story-telling. Most of the stories have a real life historical incident behind them somewhere, but in the telling by the fireside or amongst friends with a wee dram of whisky at the side, they have become embroidered with more than a little superstition - often in an attempt to explain the inexplicable.

Of course in this world of myth and legend, evil acts get blamed on supernatural beings such as fairies, kelpies, or Satan himself. If the wrongdoers are human, then the villains are often factors, landowners, murderers and army recruiting officers - people who have been guilty of persecuting highlanders in some way over the years. In such stories, the evil ones-be they supernatural or human-always get their just desserts, sometimes in life and sometimes after death.

The author has had to adapt and abridge some of the stories for this volume; and to put them into modern language to make them more understandable. The author has also added in some dialogue where no record of any dialogue exists, but where he felt it would add life to the text.
The stories are these:
The Last Seaforth
Seven Bloody Heads
The Fairies of Tomnahurich
The Appin Murder
The Anointed Man
The Black Captain
The Widow's Curse
The Water Kelpie of Loch Ness
The Treacherous Barbara
A Wee Bit Property
Vengeance of the Spirits
Forecast of Death
The Story of Sandy Wood
Roderick Mackenzie
As Sure As Death

Each story has a two page illustration by the author at the start and there is occasionally a further illustration in the text


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