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1997. Crimean War Basics: Organisations & Uniforms: Russia & Turkey by Michael Cox

Cox, Michael; and Lenton, John. 'Crimean War Basics: Organisations & Uniforms: Russia & Turkey', published in 1997 by Partizan Press, 38pp, paperback, staple binding. Condition: Very good, nice, clean copy. Price: £5.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1997, Partizan Press
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Contents:The book is aimed at making information on the Russian and Turkish Crimean War armies' organisations and uniforms easily available in compact form. So, it details the Organisations and Orders of Battle of the armies concerned, which the authors believe is not as easy to find as uniform detail. With this in mind, although the reader will find that general references are made to the army as a whole, the authors have concentrated on those units serving in the Crimean War itself.

The Russian Army
Basic Organisation
Unit Organisations
Provisional & Temporary Formations Raised
Provisional Corps Formed
Summary of Russian Army in 1854
Summary of Cossack Strengths in 1854
Strength of Russian Army 1 January 1856
Progressive Buildup of Russian Forces in the Crimea
Garrison of Sebastopol
Order of Arrival of Russian Divisions in the Crimea
Order of Battle of Russian Corps in the Crimea
Nomenclature of Russian Regiments
Russian Order of Battle at the Alma
Russian Order of Battle at Balaclava
Russian Order of Battle at Inkerman
Russian Order of Battle at the Tchernaya
Russian Cavalry Uniforms
Russian Infantry Uniforms
Russian Artillery and Sapper Uniforms

The Turkish Army:
Turkish Army Organisation
Turkish Strengths
Turkish Rank Structure
Turkish Uniforms



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