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Sheet Music - Singing

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Sheet Music - Singing

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2002. Singing Time! Grade 3: Step by Step Instructions for ABRSM and Other Singing Exams

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Contains the following songs:
Foreword to the Pupil and Teacher
1: Warming Up: Breath control; Vowel Practice; Control of Dynamics; Arpeggios, to extend range; Diction; Revision
2. Songs in C Major:
Kum Ba Ya
The Boatman's Song
O Worship the Lord
3. Songs in major keys using sharps:
The Ash Grove
Down by the Riverside
The Bluebells of Scotland
The Lincolnshire Poacher
God Be In My Head
Afton Water
The Minstrel Boy
4. Songs in Major Keys Using Flats:
The Bare Necessities
Give Me That Old-Time Religion
The Bay of Biscay
Deep River
Pretty Polly Oliver
Robin Adair
5. Beyond Major Keys:
David of the White Rock
Once I Had a Sweetheart
Charlie is My Darling
The Owls
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
I Gave My Love a Cherry
6. Singing with Other People:
Great Tom is Cast
London's Burning
The Gendarme's Duet (from the opera Genevieve de Brabant)
7. Singing at Sight: False Lamkin
Musical Terms



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