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Paper Models - books containing paper models to cut and build
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Hawcock, David. 'Make A Model. Spitfire and Messerschmitt', published in 1990 in Great Britain in paperback, 28pp, ISBN 0750002239. Condition: Good, but with creasing to the cover and a scrape-mark to the surface of the back cover. The pages containing the paper model sections are unmarked and in very good condition. Price: £4.85, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK orders, more for overseas customers)
1990, Simon and Schuster Young Books, pbk
In stock, click to buy for £4.85, not including post and packing

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  • Make A Model. Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf109 [top]
    Devised and illustrated by David Hawcock; Text by Ann Tilbury
    First published in 1990 in Great Britain by Simon & Schuster Young Books, in paperback, staple binding, 28pp, ISBN 0750002239. Original UK retail price when first sold: £4.99.
    Please note: The text has only black and white illustrations, but the actual card pages containing the pieces (devised and illustrated by David Hawcock) to cut out for the planes are in colour

This 28 page book is really aimed at getting children (or adults) interested in a very important period of world history, namely the second world war, and in building two historically significant aeroplanes by cutting and glueing together the marked pieces in this book, which are accompanied by detailed instructions. Alongside the model building section of this book, Ann Tilbury has written 13 pages about World War 2 and how events unfolded around the Battle of Britain, looking in particular at the aircraft and fighter pilots involved in the conflict. As an educational tool, this is excellent - getting the child (or adult!) involved in building WW2 aircraft and giving them a factual background in the conflict

Contents (what the textual content covers):
The Battle of Britain – The war begins
The rise of Hitler
Germany on the March
The ‘Phoney War’
Keeping Watch
Getting ready for an invasion
One egg a week
Saving the children
The Real War Begins
The Swastika Reaches the Channel
Operation Dynamo
A Strange Fleet
An Umbrella of Aircraft
Britain Stands Alone
Sea Lions and Eagles
Threats from under water
Safe for Sea Lion
Bandit Spotting
Radar Station Attack
The Fighter Pilots
Airborne in Five Minutes
Ready and Waiting
‘So much owed by so many to so few’
Short of everything
The Blitz
The Battle of Britain
Dividing Up the Country
The Battle
Bombs on the Palace
The Battle is Won
The War Goes On.
Aircraft pages (2): A Secret Air Force; Bf109; Bf 110; Stuka (dive-bomber); A shortage of aircraft; The Defiant; The Hurricane; The Spitfire


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