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2001. Landmarks in Linguistic Thought II: The Western Tradition in the Twentieth Century

Joseph, John E.; Love, Nigel; and Taylor, Talbot J. 'Landmarks in Linguistic Thought 2: The Western Tradition in the Twentieth Century', published in 2001 in Great Britain by Routledge in paperback, 265pp, ISBN 0415063973. Condition: Like new, clean & tidy copy. Price: £23.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
2001, Routledge, pbk
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About this book/synopsis: This book introduces the major issues and themes that have determined the development of Western thinking about language, meaning and communication in the 20th Century. Each chapter contains an extract from a 'landmark' text followed by a commentary on that text placing the ideas communicated by it into their relevant social and intellectual context. The book is easy to read and use - it's written in a very accessible manner and covers these thinkers who have shaped modern day linguistics: Austin, Bruner, Chomsky, Derrida, Firth, Goffman, Harris, Jakobson, Labov, Orwell, Sapir, Skinner, Whorf and Wittgenstein

Note that the book Black Athena disputes the belief that modern philosophy and thinking goes back only as far as Ancient Greece, which is a premise that this book is founded upon. Black Athena argues that the Greeks' institutions themselves were derived in general from the East and Egypt in particular.

Acknowledgements; Introduction
1. Sapir on language, culture and personality
2. Jakobson and structuralism
3. Orwell on language and politics
4. Whorf on language and thought
5. Firth on language and context
6. Wittgenstein on grammatical investigations
7. Austin on language as action
8. Skinner on verbal behaviour
9. Chomsky on language as biology
10. Labov on linguistic variation
11. Goffman on the communicating self
12. Bruner on the child's passport into language
13. Derrida on the linguistic sign and writing
14. Harris on linguistics without languages
15. Kanzi on human language

Suggestions for Further Reading
Bibliography; Index



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