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Ngaio Marsh

Murder Mystery

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Ngaio Marsh, Whodunit? Classic Murder Mystery Author
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1968. Clutch of Constables

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Marsh, Ngaio. 'Clutch of Constables', published in 1968 by The Companion Book Club in Great Britain, 253pp, No ISBN, with dustjacket. Condition: very good, clean & tidy copy. Price: £1.85, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1968, The Companion Book Club, hbk
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  • Clutch of Constables [top]
    First published in 1968 in Great Britain by Collins (Collins Crime Club) in hardback with dustjacket
    Reprinted in 1968 by The Companion Book Club in hardback with dustjacket, 253pp, ISBN 0600773116
    Original UK retail price when published by Collins: 21/- (21 shillings). Club Price: 6/6 (6 shillings and sixpence)
    Jacket design by R. Micklewright. Inside the front and back covers of the 1968 Companion Book Club Edition is a map of Norminster, Longminster, Tollardwark, Crossdike and Wapentake village.

Story: The affair had become such a police class that Chief Superintendent Roderick Alleyn used it later to illustrate his lectures. The chief character in the case, he explained, was an international criminal known as 'the Jampot', who looked upon the murders he performed as tiresome and regrettable necessities. But it was Alleyn's wife Troy who knew 'the Jampot' best. She had unwittingly shared close quarters with him during the cruise of the pleasure steamer Zodiac, winding its picturesque course along the inland waterways joining such Arcadian places as Tollardwark, Crossdyke, Longminster and Ramsdyke. At a loose end and with her husband away lecturing in New York, it had been on impulse that Troy had taken advantage of a cancellation; what she hadn't known at the time was that the passenger himself had been cancelled - murdered! Neither could she know that one of the odd group of holiday makers in the tiny vessel was 'the Jampot'. A five-day cruise in 'Constable' country had seemed a grand adventure, but what it turned out to be was a voyage of terror with death shadowing them all the way.

During the course of the Zodiac's journey, two of the company die violently and only with the return of Alleyn himself is the final showdown forced and the idenity of the nebulous killer revealed in this Ngaio Marsh's 19th detective mystery (starring Roderick Alleyn)


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