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Physical Education

Understanding the body; teaching physical education; methods, practices and techniques

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Physical Education

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Demeny, Georges. 'Les Bases Scientifiques de L'Éducation Physique, published in 1909 in hardback by Librairies Félix Alcan, in hardback, xi, 335pp. Condition: Good, but vintage - there's a pull to the binding and the first couple of pages are almost entirely loose. Tanned internally and outwardly worn, but very decent. Price: £20, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard price (£2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customer)1909, Librairies Félix Alcan, hbk
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  • Les Bases Scientifiques de L'Éducation Physique [top]
    [The Scientific Foundations of Physical Eduction]
    Written by Georges Demeny; Edited by Félix Alcan
    First published in 1902 in France
    4th Revised and Enlarged Edition (quatrieme édition revue et augmentée) published in 1909 in France in burgundy cloth with gold embossed circular frame title design on the front by Librairies Félix Alcan, in hardback, xi, 335, 32
    The book is illustrated with 200 gravures (black and white illustrations)

About the author and this book:
Georges Demeny, of Hungarian descent, 12 June 1850 - 26 October 1917, French gymnast, chronophotographer, filmmaker and inventor, was considered to the the founder of the study of physical education, looked at from the scientific point of view. He was interested in finding out the proportions of ancient athletes and studied physiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, at the same time taking course in mathematics at the Sorbonne; at the Conservatory of Music; and becoming a violinist at the opera. This particular work of his was originally written in 1902 and is his comprehensive effort to provide a firm scientific basis for the teaching and following of physical education - understanding the subject in its entirety, the physical and biological laws that underpin the area; and how the body works and the best and correct approach to adopt - so that the reader can achieve (in his words) perfection in our nature [health and body] - an ideal that many have dreamed of and desired [like him]
Contents (in French):
Chapitre 1: Role Social de l'Éducation (The role physical education plays in society)
-Préjugés courants sur l'éducation physique (Common prejudices about physical education)
Chapitre II: Facteurs de l'Éducation Physique (Factors involved in physical education)

DEUXIEME PARTIE (PART TWO): Effets de l'Éducation sur les fonctions de la vie
(Effects of Physical Education on the functions and quality of life)
Chapitre 1: Influence de l'Exercice sur les principales fonctions; Fonctions de nutrition; Conditions Hygiéniques de l'Exercice
(Influence of exercise on the body's principle functions; Nutrition; Hygienic conditions required for exercise - basically looking after the body
-1. Éducation de l'appareil digestif (The digestive system)
-2. Éducation de la fonction cirulatoire (The circulatory system)
-3. Éducation de la fonction respiratoire (The respiratory system)
--Expériences sur le role passif du poumon (Experiments on the passive role of the lung)
--Influences réciproques de la respiration sur la circulation (Reciprocal interactions of respiration and circulation)

--Éducation des fonction circulatoire et respiratoire (The circulatory and respiratory systems)
-4 Education des fonctions de désassimilation, fatigue et entrainement (Dissimilation, fatigue and training)
--De l'entrainement (On Training)
Chapitre II: Conditions Esthétiques de l'Exercice (Impact of exercise on outward appearance)
-1. Influence des mouvements sur la forme du corps (How exercise affects body shape)
-2. Modifications du squelette (skeletal changes)
--Harmonie du squelette (The Skeleton - good and bad positions and movements - deformation and curvature, etc)
-3. Modifications du systeme musculaire (Like #2 directly above in content - looking at how the muscular system works and good and bad influences on it)
-4. Fixation de l'Épaule (How the shoulder is attached; how it works)
-5. Ampliation Thoracique (Chest Expansion)
-6. Solidité des Parois Abdominales (Abdominal Wall Strength)
Chapitre III: Conditions économiques de l'exercice - Perfectionnement de la vie de relation
(Economic circumstances and their effect on exercise; Achieving a life long relationship with physical exercise)
-1. Éducation des centres nerveux; coordination des mouvements (Nerve Centres; Coordinating Movement)
-2. Éducations des sens (the senses)
Chapitre IV: Virilité ou effet de l'éducation sur le caractere. Influence morale de l'exercice
(Virility, or effect of physical education on a person's character. [Good] Moral effects of exercise

Controle de Resultats Obtenus

Conclusion; Table de Matieres (Index)


Beneficial Effects of Physical Education


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