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1996. Rejuvenating the Mature Business:The Competitive Challenge:Second Edition
1998. Straight from the CEO: The World's Top Business Leaders Reveal Ideas That Every Manager Can Use

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Baden-Fuller, Charles; and Stopford, John M. 'Rejuvenating the Mature Business: The Competitive Challenge: Second Edition', published in 1996 by Routledge in pbk, 282pp, ISBN 0415135206. Sorry, out of stock, but click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon
1996, Routledge
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About the author: Charles Baden-Fuller at the time of publication was Chair and Professor of Strategy at City University Business School. He is adviser to many businesses and his publications include Managing Excess Capacity. John Stopford is Professor of International Business at the London Business School. At the time of publication he was director of the InterMatrix Group and board adviser to Vickers plc, and co-author of the prize-winning book Rival States, Rival Firms: Competition for World Market Shares (pbk). For hardback, click HERE

About the book: This book provides a landmark approach to corporate strategy. In this challenging, newly updated study, the authors call into question many of the leading theories in strategic management. Instead of emphasizing the decline of industries or economic sectors when explaining business success or failure. Instead the book places the individual enterprise itself at centre stage and show how particular businesses and management teams can achieve spectacular turn-around even in the most hostile environments.

The key message is that organisations can rejuvenate and seek industry leadership when they reject standard industry 'recipes' and set out to innovate not just new produces and new processes, but also, most importantly, new strategies. What has been achieved by innovative managers who avoid the trap of conventional thinking is illustrated by many examples drawn from a wide range of international businesses.

The authors show how progress is possible with limited resources. Achieving the elusive goal of sustainable competitiveness requires building step by step, an entrepreneurial organization that captures and gains leverage from the values of experimentation, imagination and skill enhancement at all levels.


Acknowledgements; Introduction

1. Maturity is a state of mind [top of listing]
Creating value
Innovation in Strategy
Rethinking the organization
Building strategic staircases
Who are the rejuvenators?
Rejuvenators aim to control their destiny

2. The Firm Matters More Than the Industry [top of listing]
Three themes
The industry is not to blame
Mature industries offer good prospects for success
Firms can succeed in hostile environments
Large marketshare is the reward, not the cause of success
Small-share firms can challenge international players
Building resources and competitive advantage
Competing Recipes

3. Strategic Innovation [top of listing]
Strategic innovation: creating new options
Mass production: Henry Ford as a strategic innovator
Quality and productivity: Toyota and Deming
Variety and efficiency
Speed at low cost
Building multiple advantages and continuous innovation
Sequencing advantages
Strategic networking: an innovation in organization

4. Creative Scope [top of listing]
Creativity in choosing scale
Creativity in choice of range
Creativity in geographic territory
Creativity in distribution and purchasing
Responding to Governments
Triggers for market change
Triggers for changing strategic scope: new capabilities and resources

5. The Entrepreneurial Organization [top of listing]
Distinguishing features
Experiments and Progress
Resolving Dilemmas
Extending entrepreneurship beyond legal boundaries
From maturity to entrepreneurship

6. The Crescendo Model of Rejuvenation [top of listing]
The crescendo model
Galvanising the top team
Choosing Effective Action
The Way Forward

7. Reduce Complexity, Start Initiatives [top of listing]
Restricting the scope of business
Clarifying purpose
New initiatives
Progress on the road to entrepreneurship

8. Shape the Collective Effort [top of listing]
Frame-breaking organizations
Frame-breaking investments
Orchestrating efforts
Plugging gaps
Mobilizing middle managers

9. Maintaining Momentum [top of listing]
Maintaining vitality
Growth to leverage advantages
Maintaining corporate entrepreneurship
The need for continuous rejuvenation
Bibliography; Index

Thomson Learning, 1999, pbk

Thomson Business Press, 1995, pbk

1994, Harvard Business School Press, hbk

Thomson Learning, 1992, hbk

Other books by John Stopford:

Dauphinais, G. William; and Price, Colin. 'Straight from the CEO. The World's Top Business Leaders Reveal Ideas That Every Manager Can Use', first published in 1998 in Great Britain by Nicholas Brealey in hardback with dustjacket, 318pp, ISBN 1857881958. Condition: Very good, clean & tidy copy, well looked-after with only a touch of wrinkling to the top edge of the dustjacket. Price: £6.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1998, Nicholas Brealey Publishing Limited, hbk
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About this book/synopsis: The book contains the ideas from over 30 of today's most innovative CEOs; ideas that are rejuvenating and reinvigorating the modern corporation. This book is a major event because the world rarely hears directly from the great contemporary business leaders - the chief movers and shakers of major corporations. Working closely with the Price Waterhouse management team, a wide variety of chief executives who are successfully managing today's rapid pace of economic change present their ideas about leading and motivating people, unleashing their innovation and creativity, and learning from customers to revitalize their businesses.

Board of Contributors
Foreword: What We Can Learn from CEOs by Klaus M. Schwab, President, World Economic Forum
Introduction: CEOs Demand the ABCs - Awareness, Belief and Conduct by G. William Dauphinais and Colin Price.

Part 1: Globalization: The Tempo Heats Up
1. Flemming Lindelov, Carlsberg Group: The Best International Brands are "Glocal"
2. Percy Barnevik, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd: 'Creating a Federation of National Cultures'
3. Felix Rosenberg, Swisscom: Poised for the "Big Bang": Winning in the Deregulation Game
4. Mario Pais de Sousa, Vulcano-Termodomesticos: Smart Shopping in the World Supermarket of Management Ideas
5. Minoru Murofushi, Itochu Corporation: An Agile Giant
6. Rahul Bajaj, Bajaj Auto Ltd: Bajaj: The New Face of Emerging Market Competition
7. James J. Schiro, Price Waterhouse: The New Phase of Globalization

Part 2. Radical Change: Turning Up the Volume
8. Cor Herkstroter, Royal Dutch/Shell: Royal Dutch Shell: Rewriting the Contracts
9. Dr. Heinrich Von Pierer, Siemens AG: Changing Supertankers into speedboats
10. Patrick Haren, Northern Ireland Electricity. Conjectures on change: A Letter to the CEO
11. Serge Tchurk, Alcatel Alsthom. Driving fundamental change at Alcatel: A New Prism on Customer Focus
12. Dr. Kenneth W. Kizer, U. S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Health Care, Not Hospitals: Transforming the Veterans' Health Administration
13. Sir Richard Evans, British Aerospace. A Benchmark That Brought Managers in from the Cold

Part 3. Leadership: Giants of Value Creation
14. Sir Colin Marshall, British Airways. From apprentice ship's purser to CEO: A journey in search of the customer
15. Eckhard Pfeiffer, Compaq Computer Corporation. Future Tilt: How and why companies need a culture of continuous renewal
16. Michael Z. Kay, LSG/SKY Chefs. Memo to a turnaround boss
17. Sadako Ogata, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Stakeholders are a reality check for world refugee group
18. Robert B. Shapiro, Monsanto Company. Sparking the growth engine at Monsanto: using shareholder value as the driving framework
19. Michael Critelli, Pitney Bowes, Inc. Communicating in the Information Age: The Leadership Factor

Part 4. Culture: Fifteen Glorious Years!
20. Melvin R. Goodes, Warner-Lambert Company. Transforming the culture of a global enterprise...one employee at at time
21. Don Argus, National Australia Bank Group. Focusing leadership through corporate values: a key driver for success
22. Walter Shipley, Chase Manhattan Bank. The art of the inclusive merger
23. Dirk Blaesing, Fairway Filamentos. A joint venture that found more than synergy
24. Javier Herrero, Iberdrola. Shaping culture with activity-based management
25. Tanri Abeng, Bakrie and Brothers

Part 5. Innovation and Creativity. No finger painting, please
26. Southwood J. Morcott, Dana Corporation. Igniting a firestorm of creativity
27. Kenneth L. Lay, Enron Corporation. Coming soon to your home and business. The new energy majors
28. Justus Veeneklaas, Philips Australia. Reinventing Philips Down Under: customers seek systems solutions, not black boxes
29. Glen L. Urban, MIT Sloan School of Management. Strategic roots on innovation
30. David M. Kelley, IDEO Product Development. Performing rapid innovation magic: ten secrets of a modern Merlin

Part 6. Customer Relationship: The Brand is Dead. Long live the Brand!
31. Peter Georgescu, Young & Rubicam. Creative marketing is the core strategy for the new millennium
32. Douglas Sims, CoBank. Creating competitive advantage through customer loyalty
33. Douglas Hyde, OshKosh B'Gosh, Inc. New Products that Remain True to Core Values


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