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Kate Wilhelm

Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Kate Wilhelm

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Titles to Look Out For:
Fault Lines
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
The Clewiston Test
The Infinity Box
More Bitter Than Death
The Mile-Long Spaceship
The Nevermore Affair
The Killer Thing
The Downstairs Room
Let the Fire Fall
The Abyss
Margaret and I
City of Cain
The Clone (with Ted Thomas)
The Year of the Cloud (with Ted Thomas)
1978. Somerset Dreams and Other Fictions

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Contains the stories: Somerset Dreams; The Encounter; Planet Story; Mrs Bagley Goes to Mars; Symbiosis; Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Crisis; The Hounds; State of Grace.The title story in the collection describes an anaesthesiologist -who administers 'death in small doses, temporary death'-who is drawn back to her hometown, where a professor and his students are conducting dream research. When the professor loses control of the experiment, the world takes on nightmarish dimensions

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