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Computers and Civilisation - the effect of computer technology on society

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1999. Cyberspace Textuality. Computer Technology and Literary Theory

Ryan, Marie-Laure. 'Cyberspace Textuality: Computer Technology and Literary Theory', published in 1999 in the United States in paperback by Indiana University Press, 285pp, ISBN 0253212421. Condition: Very good clean and tidy copy. Has some pencil underlining to the the chapter 'The Souls of Cyber-Folk'. Overall a nice copy. Price: £14.65, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1999, Indiana University Press, pbk
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About this book: "Cyberspace": the word captures the increasing sense that beyond - or perhaps on - the computer screen lies an enticing and forbidden new frontier awaiting exploration, promising discovery, threatening humanistic values, hatching new ways of thinking and speaking, and altering our relation to the written word

The essays in this book explore the concepts of texts and the forms of textuality emerging from the new electronic technologies. The first group examines contemporary literary theory and the texts of cyberspace. The second debates how identity is affected by the power of electronic technology to create virtual doubles of the body. The last presents three "performance texts" which turn the critical investigation of cyberspace textuality into a quest for new forms of literary theoretical writing.

Representative of the next generation of cybertext criticism, the essays gathered here address several needs in cybertext criticism: they engage in a critical, though not hostile, dialogue with the first generation of theorists; they search for a middle ground between a narrowly technical description of the works and general considerations about the medium.; they outline a poetics tailor-made for electronic textuality; and they relate cybertexts to the major human, aesthetic, and intellectual concerns of contemporary culture.

Introduction by Marie-Laure Ryan

Part 1: Cybertext Theory
1. Aporia and Epiphany in Doom and The Speaking Clock: The Temporality of Ergodic Art by Espen Aarseth
2. Theorizing Virtual Reality: Baudrillard and Derrida by Mark Poster
3. Virtual Topographies: Smooth and Striated Cyberspace
4. Cyberspace, Virtuality and the Text by Marie-Laure Ryan

Part 2: Cyberspace Identity
5. Women Writers and the Restive Text: Feminism, Experimental Writing and Hypertext by Barbara Page
6. "The Souls of Cyber-Folk": Performativity, Virtual Embodiment, and Racial Histories by Thomas Foster
7. The Disturbing Liveliness of Machines: Rethinking the Body in Hypertext Theory and Fiction by Christopher J. Keep
8. Postorganic Performance: The Appearance of Theater in Virtual Spaces by Matthew Causey

Part 3. Cybertext Criticism as Writing Experiment
9. Artificial Life and Literary Culture by N. Katherine Hayles
10. Virtual Termites: A Hypotextual Technomutant Expl(it)ration of William Gibson and the Electronic Beyond(s) by Lance Olsen
11. Myths of the Universal Library: From Alexandria to the Postmodern Age by Jon Thiem

Appendix: World Wide Web Sites on Cyberspace Textuality
Contributors; Index



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