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Roger Dixon

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Roger Dixon

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1974. Christ on Trial

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Dixon, Roger. 'Christ on Trial', published by Collins in 1974, 255pp, hbk, ISBN 0002211432. Condition: very good, nice clean copy with very good dustjacket (small rip to rear top edge & price-clipped). Book is also priceclipped just inside cover. Price: £3.25, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1974, William Collins, pbk

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  • Christ on Trial [top]
    Written by Roger Dixon & based on the original story by Basil Bova and Roger Dixon
    Jacket design by Ron Clark
    First published in 1973 in the US by Pinnacle Books, New York
    Subsequently published in 1974 in Great Britain by William Collins & Co, Ltd. London in hardcover with dustjacket, 255pp, ISBN 0002211432
    Original UK retail price: £1.95 net

Storyline/Synopsis: This strange and intensely exciting book tells the story of the making of a very original television film and of the people who took part in the production. The producer Lee Harrison's plan was to put 'the life and teaching of Jesus Christ 'on trial before a hundred million witnesses,' his theme being that 'if Christ was the Son of God, then what he said must be right for us here and now...I want him, and those who knew him...to present their evidence in the environment of a modern criminal court which, imperfect though it may be, is the finest instrument for weighing truth we have been able to forge in two thousand years.'

Each person taking part in the production is superbly drawn. A roguish movie star, John Burnard, discovers new meaning to his life through his portrayal of Christ; a young girl who was studying to be a nun brings a fresh and convincing interpretation of Mary; Lee Harrison himself discovers a new lease of life through love and the renewed self-confidence of professional success; the priest who depicts Judas finds that it is a traumatic and devastating experience. The programme is a soul-searching and disturbing experience for the actors and people involved. As Amos Brown, boxer turned Peter the Apostle, says: 'It ain't Christ on trial...it's everyone who gets up on that stand.'

The drama and suspense build up to a surprising and unexpected climax, one that not even the producer, director or actors could have foreseen. A unique and unforgettable novel

About the authors:
Roger Dixon is a successful British writer who has penned more than 30 plays and five series which have appeared on BBC radio and television and throughout the world. His first American publication,Noah IIenjoyed a successful first printing. Mr Dixon recently completed the Noah II screenplay for motion picture production and he has also written the screenplay for Christ on Trial

Basil Bova at the time of publication was president of Kennebek Music Company (ASCAP) and Starbuck and Penobscot Music Companies (BMI). In his alternate role as producer he produced a television documentary, 'The World of New York'. He created the original version of Noah II and subsequently prepared this and Christ on Trial for motion picture production

1974, Collins, hbk

1976, Fontana, pbk

1990, Robertsbridge, hbk


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