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1993 (and later editions) The Brochs of Gurness & Midhowe by Noel Fojut

Fojut, Noel. 'The Brochs of Gurness & Midhowe', published in 1996 as a reprint of the 1993 original, 20pp, ISBN 0748004661. Condition: good, with some slight dirtiness to some page edges and a curve to the book from bad storage. Price: £4.25, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1996, Historic Scotland
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  • The Brochs of Gurness and Midhowe [top]
    Written by Noel Fojut; Edited by Chris Tabraham; Designed by Pointsize Associates; Photography by David Henrie and Mike Brooks; Reconstruction Drawings by David Simon
    First published in 1993 by Historic Scotland
    Reprinted in 1996 by Historic Scotland, in paperback, 20pp, staple binding, ISBN 0748004661

About the Book: This book was sold as a souvenir guide to visitors to the Brochs of Gurness and Midhowe in Orkney and takes the reader round the broch villages of Gurness and Midhowe, which face each other across Orkney's Eynhallow Sound. Both were excavated in the 1930s; and the author, using the latest archaeological research, places them in their wider setting.
The Broch of Gurness (NGR HY 382268) can be found on the Aikerness peninsula on the north coast of the island of Orkney.
The Broch of Midhowe (NGR HY 372306) is to be found on the south-west coast of the island of Rousay (next to the island of Orkney) and reachable by ferry).
If you are a potential visitor to these sites, please note that they are both exposed and some distance from shelter.

The book first of all describes what Brochs are for the uninitiated, which is imposing drystone structures-strong circular houses often enclosed by ditches banks and walls; and (in Orkney) generally surrounded by sizeable villages. The structures stand from 5m to 13m high with entrance through a small passage through the wall, with a door part way down, leading to an inner area. The Orkney Brochs were being built by 500 B.C. and by 100 B.C. there were more than 120 in Orkney; 500+ in Scotland overall.

It then goes on to look at:
Broch Builders
After the Brochs
The Broch of Gurness
A Tour of Gurness
The Broch of Midhowe
A Tour of Midhowe
Further reading

The photographs are all glossy colour shots and the text is well-written and interesting. But if you really want to see what Brochs are all about, go visit! The atmosphere and setting are strikingly memorable

2001, Historic Scotland, pbk

1993, Historic Scotland, pbk


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