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Murder Mystery

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Day Keene

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1966 Who Has Wilma Lathrop?; Murder on the Side

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Keene, Day. 'Who has Wilma Lathrop?'; and 'Murder on the Side', published by Lancer Books, NY in about 1956/1957, in paperback, 240pp. Cover is a bit tatty at the bottom of the spine, otherwsie ok.  Price: £3.25 (not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
undated, but circa 1956. Lancer Books
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Wilma Lathrop: They showed me the bone fragments, and the charred diamond, and everything else-but I said to hell with their theory. Wilma was alive and I knew it. She had to be, The newspapers were yelling that I had murderered her!!

"How long has your wife been missing, Mr Lathrop?" Sergeant Meyers asked
"Since last night."
"Is this her picture?"
"Yes," Lathrop said
"Well, unless I'm very much mistaken I've seen Mrs Lathrop's picture before."
Sergeant Meyers told him. "On a 'wanted' dodger sent out by the New York police about ten months ago. Her name was Gloria Fine then. She's wanted for questioning for both robbery and murder."

Murder on the Side:
"She was still warm hen her husband found her wide-eyed and dead in the big house...one of her own nylon stockings tied so tightly around her beautiful neck that her face was already turning strange colours. Somewhere in the city a killer laughed with pleasure. Just one more death to go and the state would burn her husband for him...

When he told her Connors was dead, she paled.
"You'll have to go to the police", she said.
"If I tell the police the truth, will they believe me? Will the reporters beieve me? You know what dirty minds they have. They think every big-shot executive sleeps with his secretary., especially if she's as pretty as you are."
Wanda straightened the seam of her stocking and grinned at him. "Well, you have slept with me. And I hope you do it a lot more times."


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