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John Creasey-Bruce Murdoch Series

Murder Mystery; Crime Fiction; Espionage; Thrillers

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John Creasey - Bruce Murdoch Series
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John Creasey wrote the following titles under the Bruce Murdoch series and each hyperlinked title will take you to an entry below for that book. Books without hyperlinks will be entered when they come into stock. If we are out of stock, we will try and provide links to an alternative source.

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Bruce Murdoch
Creasey wrote these stories under the pseudonym of Norman Deane

1939. Secret Errand
1939. Dangerous Journey
1940. Unknown Mission
1940. The Withered Man
1941. I am the Withered Man
1942. Where is the Withered Man?

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Creasey, John. 'Dangerous Journey', published in 1971 by Arrow Books Ltd, 192pp, ISBN 0090049802. Condition: Good, with slight handling wear to cover (light creases) & light tanning to internal pages (browning effect from ageing). Price: £2.75 not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers and more for overseas customers)
1971, Pan
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  • Dangerous Journey [top]
    First published in 1939 in Great Britain by Hurst & Blackett Ltd, under pen-name of Norman Deane
    Reprinted in 1971 in Great Britain by Arrow Books Ltd in paperback, 192pp, ISBN 0090049802

Story: Kurt von Romain was in Britain. And he must be kept here; his departure delayed for at least 24 hours. It must be done discreetly. Britain was not yet at war with Germany. But still he had to be held back while a vital British embassy set out for certain key European capitals. There was a last chance of a plan to prevent war-and von Romain could destroy that chance.


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