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Model Railways - Design and Engineering

  Rock n Romance Vintage, Authentic 1940s and 50s Inspired Style Clothing
Duplex-Ian Bradley & Norman Hallows
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Bearing Design & Fitting

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Bradley, Ian; and Hallows, Norman [known as "Duplex". 'Bearing Design & Fitting' published by Model Aeronautical Press, undated paperback copy, staple binding, 72pp. Copy in very good condition, well looked-after & clean. Price:£15.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
Undated, Model & Aeronautical Press

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1) Plain Bearings (materials for bearings, babbit metal, bronze, aluminium, cast iron, steel, plastics, design of bearings, thrust bearings, coned pivot bearings, dimensions of bearings)
2) Plain Bearings continued (methods of adjustment-finishing bearing surfaces, lapping, running fits, fitting one-piece bearing bushes, split bushes, relining bearings with white metal)
3) Plain Bearings ctd (lubrication-feeding oil to the bearing)
4) Ball Bearings (types, single & double, self-aligning forms-double purpose bearings, mounting ball bearings, preloading, protection of bearings, ball thrust bearings, single row, self-aligning, double-row thrusts, double thrust bearings, mounting thrust bearings)
5) Roller Bearings-parallel roller bearings, mounting bearings, tapered roller bearings, methods of mounting, application to machine tools, needle roller bearings, lubrication of ball and roller bearings

1967, MAP

1976, Special Interest Model Books


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