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John Harris

Novelist: Sea Stories; Epic sea adventures

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John Harris

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1956 (and later editions). Getaway

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Harris, John. 'Getaway', published in 1956 in hardback by Hurst & Blackett, with dustjacket. Condition: Good, collectable copy. DJ is in good condition, with some very small rips to the bottom edge near the spine. Overall good condition. Price: £5.65, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75)
1956. Hurst & Blackett
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  • Getaway [top]
    First published in 1956 in Great Britain in hardback by Hurst & Blackett, 230pp, with dustjacket

Story: In Sydney, lives an Italian fisherboat family of three: Giuseppe who has become Joe, his wife Rosa and their growing daughter Frankie. Joe works no harder than he should, and times are evil; the mortgaged boat will go, and what then? But Rosa has a plan, a truly fantastic one. Across the island-studded Pacific lies America. To make the islands on the Tina S. and string along eastward, to elude pursuit and somehow, some time to reach the American coast, is the task finally imposed on the reluctant Joe by Rosa backed by an enthusiastic Frankie. Then, at the last moment, they find another hand - a young man called Willie who seems to have his own reasons for taking a long holiday.


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