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1976. Maxwell's Demon

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Sherwood, Martin. 'Maxwell's Demon' published in 1977 in Great Britain in hardback by the Reader's Union (The Science Fiction Book Club). Condition: Good+ condition - has some tanning to internal pages from ageing. Price: £2.99, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1977, The Science Fiction Book Club, hbk
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  • Maxwell's Demon [top]
    First published in 1976 by The New English Library. Reprinted in 1977 by the Readers Union (Book Club), hardcover, 174 pages

Storyline: When John Maxwell falls asleep and won't wake up, doctors are baffled. But his is not the only case of an apparently healthy person falling into an unshakeable slumber. As a last resort, Maxwell is referred to a government sponsored research unit which is studying 'abnormal states of consciousness'. Here a group of scientists are experimenting with nearly a dozen such 'sleepers'.
Gradually the researchers discover that a number of macabre happenings in different parts of the country are all linked with their patients and it becomes apparent that, within the sleeping minds, a new and powerful life form is evolving with amazing speed. Accordingly a hectic and unique, research programme is set up to identify the new life form and communicate with it. Desperate to discover what it is, and how far its powers extend, the scientists engage in catastrophically dangerous experiments which give the life form even greater powers.
Finally Tim Wagner, the last surviving member of the scientific team, is sane enough to understand the danger which faces mankind. He flees from the research unit in a desperate attempt to warn others of the growing danger. Now sufficiently powerful to discard the human brains in which it has evolved, the strange new life form sets off in pursuit. In a powerful and compelling climax, the two meet face to 'face'-a meeting which will decide the fate of humanity



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