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Geology; Geological Sciences; Engineering Geology

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Catastrophic Landslides: Effects, Occurrence, and Mechanisms edited by Stephen G. Evans and Jerome V. DeGraff

2002, Geological Society of America, hbk
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  • Catastrophic Landslides: Effects, Occurrence, and Mechanisms (Reviews in Engineering Geology) [top]
    Edited by Stephen G. Evans and Jerome V. DeGraff
    GSA Books Science Editor: Abhijit Basu
    First published in 2002 in the United States by The Geological Society of America, viii, 411pp, ISBN 0813741157
    Cover image: Mount Cook rock avalanche of December 14, 1991. From the summit of High Peak, Mount Cook (3754m), down the East Face to the toe of the avalanche deposit on Tasman Glacier is a fall of 2720m and a slope distance of 7.5km

About this book: This volume documents further advances in our knowledge of catastrophic land-slides since the pioneering compilations o fthe late 1970s by Barry Voight. It provides a worldwide survey of catastrophic landslide events written by leading authorities. Catastrophic Landslides begins by drawing upon South America to dramatically illustrate the impact of these phenomena on human populations. The occurrence of catastrophic landslides, including site-specific insights is shown through six events of the past 20 years. Several other chapters focus on the mechanisms involved with catastrophic landslides both in relation to geological factors in a particular geographic area as well as to specific geologic processes

Contents: Acknowledgements; Preface

Part 1. Effects
1. Overview of catastrophic landslides of South America in the 20th Century by Robert L. Schuster, Daniel Salcedo and Luis Valenzuela
Part 2: Occurrence
2. Recent rockfalls and rock avalanches in Mount Cook National Park, NZ by M. J. McSaveney. 3. Val Pola rock avalance of July 28, 1987, in Valtellina (Central Italian Alps) by Mario Govi, Giovanni Gulla and Pier Giorgio Nicoletti
4. Tsao-Ling Rockslides, Taiwan by Ju-Jiang Hung, Chyi-Tyi Lee and Ming-Yang Lin
5. Identifying a large landslide with small displacements in a zone of coseismic tectonic deformation: The Villa del Monte landslide triggered by the 1989 Loma Prieta, California, earthquake by David K. Keefer, Edward L. Harp and Garry B. Griggs
6. Rock avalanche and resulting debris flow in Estero Parraguire and Rio Colorado, Région Metropolitana, Chile by A. Hauser
7. 1983 Sale Mountain Landslide, Gansu Province, China by Zhuo-Yuan Zhang, Shang-Ming Chen and Lian-Jin Tao
Part 3: Mechanisms
8. Catastrophic rockfalls and rockslides in the Sierra Nevada, USA by Gerald F. Wieczorek
9. Rapid Flow Slides of Coal-Mine Waste in British Columbia, Canada by O. Hungr, R. F. Dawson, A. Kent, D. Campbell and N. R. Morgenstern
10. Landslides resulting from structural failure of volcanoes by Lee Siebert
11. Large rockslides in the Alps: A commentary on the contribution of G. Abele (1937-1994) and a review of some recent developments by Andreas von Poschinger
12. Chalk flows from the coastal cliffs of Northwest Europe by John N. Hutchinson
13. Villavil rockslides, Catamarca Province, Argentina by Luis Fauqué and Pablo Tchilinguirian
14. Landslides and landscape evolution in the Rocky Mountains and adjacent Foothills area, southwestern Alberta, Canada by Lionel E. Jackson Jr.
15. Styles of rock-avalanche depositional complexes conditioned by very rugged terrain, Karakoram Himalaya, Pakistan by Kenneth Hewitt
16. Neogene sturzstrom deposits, Split Mountain area, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California by Patrick L. Abbott, Dennis R. Kerr, Steven E. Borron, Jacobe L. Washburn, and David A. Rightmer



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