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1962. The Way of Danger: The Story of Theseus. Retold by Ian Serraillier

Serraillier, Ian; Stobbs, William. 'The Way of Danger: The Story of Theseus', published in 1962 by Oxford University Press in hardback with dustjacket, 86pp. Condition: Good, ex-school library, with library stamps just insdie the front and back covers and issue slip just inside the front cover. Price: £1.25, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1962, Oxford University Press, hbk
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Story: Theseus grew up without knowing who his father was; until he was strong enough to lift a huge boulder and see what lay beneath it, he would not know. When at last he rolled the stone aside, Theseus found there a pair of sandals and a beautiful sword. Then he learnt that his father was King of Athens and set out in search of him. On his way, he had many adventures, meeting Sinis, the pine-bender, and Skiron, the brigand who threw his victims to an enormous sea-turtle, and narrowly escaping death in the famous bed-which every traveller was made to fit! He became a hero to his father's people, killing the fire-breathing bull of Marathon and also the terrible Minotaur, which roamed the labyrinth beneath the palace of Minos, in Crete. When his father died, Theseus ruled wisely as King of Athens and married Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, after having defeated her in battle

1. The Secret of the Rock
2. The Man with the Iron Club, and the Pine-Bender
3. Skiron the brigand, and the famous bed
4. The poisoned cup
5. The Bull of Marathon
6. The ship with the black sail
7. King Minos of Crete
8. Princess Ariadne
9. The Minotaur
10. The Black Sail
11. The War with the Amazons
12. Helen
13. The Kingdom of the Dead
14. The Rescue
15. The Fight with Cerberus
16. The Golden Eagle


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