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English Towns in Yorkshire

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Towns in England - Yorkshire

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Bradford Chapters: Episodes in the History of a City. Edited by Bob Duckett

Duckett, Bob (ed.), 'Bradford Chapters: Episodes in the History of a City', published in 2007 in Great Britain by Propagator Press in paperback, 204pp, ISBN 9781860298141. Condition: brand new, unread copy. Price:£7.99, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
2007, Propagator Press, pbk
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About this book/synopsis: Bradford chapters brings together an entertaining, enlightening and absorbing mixture of history and nostalgia. Bradford is, and has been, many things to many people, and this collection of episodes illustrates aspects of its past, its present and its future. Bob Duckett has gathered chapters which cover diverse topics from the Brontes visits to Bradford to German immigrants to mill owners' mansions to midwifery in Shiplety to film making in the area. Each is intriguing in its own right and all are written by respected contributors

Contributors; Introduction
1. News of Bradford, 1721-1782: Extracts from two 18th Century newspapers: business, marriages, cockfighting, muggings and road rage in Bradford town
2. Location Bradford: The City's Movie Heritage by Tony Earnshaw: Flim Locations in Bradford, Keighley and Shipley
3. The German Immigrants: Their Influence on Nineteenth Century Bradford by Jacquey Mackenzie: How the German traders changed the face of Bradford for the better
4. Forster Square: A Chequered History by David Croft: The Story of a city centre square as it undergoes yet another re-development
5. The Stanningley Air Crash by John Allison. How Stirling Bomber EF444 came to be in Dawson's Field
6. On the Dharma Trail: A 70s Bradford Experience by Trevor Carolan: A native returns to the 1970s Bradford to find Eastern enlightenment
7. Jack Booth's Bradford: Photographing a Lost City. Introduction and Selection by Mick Birdsall - striking photography of Bradford's 1970s building boom}
8. Merchants, Mansions and Morris: The Bradford Legacy of John Aldam Heaton by Julia Smith - Art and Design in Mid-Nineteenth century Bradford
9. The Lost Mansions of Baildon by Letitia Lawson-The vanished mansions where the wealthy used to live
10. Present at Birth: Shipley's First Midwife. An Interview tieh Nellie Whiteley, MBE - Edited transcripts from a recording of life in the 30s and 40s
11. The Rebirth of 'Victor': Bradford's Own Uniflow Steam Engine by Eugene Nicholson - a pioneering Bradford 'prime mover' comes home
12. The Show Must Go On! Selections from the Peter Holdsworth Archive by Marilyn Rogerson - selections from 46 volumes of a lifetime's reporting for the Telegraph & Argus
13. Pilgrimage to the Golden City: The Brontes and Bradford by Bob Duckett - Bradford in the lives of the Brontes


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