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Art and Survival in First World War Britain by Stuart Sillars

Sillars, Stuart. 'Art & Survival in First World War Britain', published in 1987 in Great Britain by Macmillan Press in hardback, 192pp, ISBN 0333425243. Condition: very good with very good dustjacket, although the top edge of the dustjacket is a bit worn and there's a small rip to top edge near the spine with some light tanning to dj and internal pages. Price: £20.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1987, Macmillan Press, hbk
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  • Art and Survival in First World War Britain [top]
    First published in 1987 in Great Britain by Macmillan Press in hardback with dustjacket, xi,192pp, ISBN 0333425243. Jacket design reproduces Paul Nash's 'Spring in the Trenches, Ridge Wood, 1917'

About the book: This is the first full-length study of the ways in which popular and fine are aided the psychological survival of those who lived through the fighting. It looks at how the press, film, fine and popular illustration and writing of all kinds treated major events in 1916 - including Jutland, the battle of the Somme, air war and the first use of tanks - and shows how contemporary attitudes created deeply distortive myths, which were to be rejected with furious, yet compassionate, anger by Wilfred Owen, Paul Nash and other artists of the later years of the Great War

Chapters: List of illustrations
1. Functions and Circumstances
2. The Range of Response
3. Jutland
4. The Somme (1)
5. The Somme (2)
6. The War in the Air
7. The Snark of the Somme
8. England, Whose England?
9. Influences and Reactions
Notes; Select Bibliography; Index

List of illustrations:
1. Pictorial cover for Charles E. Pearce's 'Stirring Deeds in the Great War', based on an illustration by F. Matania
2. Anonymous illustration from Herbert Strang's 'The Blue Book of the War'
3. 'John Cornwell, V.C. on H.M.S. Chester' by Frank O' Salisbury
4. The 'Navy League' engraving of John Cornwell
5. 'When the Tide Rises over No-Man's Land' by André Dévambez, 'Illustrated War News', 28 June 1916
6. 'The Great British Offensive' by Albert Forestier, 'Illustrated London News', 15 July 1916
7-9 Three stills from 'The Battle of the Somme'
10. 'The Great Push! France salutes the Ally', 'The War Illustrated', 15 July 1916
11. 'The War in the Air: Saluting the Vanquished Foe' by C. Clark, 'The Sphere', 12 August 1916
12. 'The Last Flight of Captain Albert Ball, V. C. D.S.O., 17th May, 1917' by Norman Arnold
13. 'The Threat of the Zeppelin: Gas-bag or Terror - Which?' by David Wilson in 'The Graphic', 16 January 1915
14. 'The Attack on the Zeppelin' by Charles Pears, 'Illustrated London News', 12 June 1915
15. 'The Avengers' by Donald Maxwell in 'The Graphic', 29 July 1916
16. Cartoon about tanks by Percy T. Reynolds in 'Punch', 27 September 1916
17. 'A Mark V Tank going into Action' by Bernard Adeney
18. 'A Tank' by William Orpen
19. 'Your Country's Call': a poster produced by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915
20. 'The Balloon Apron' by Frank Dobson
21. 'The Doctor' by C. R. W. Nevinson


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