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John Creasey

Murder Mystery; Crime Fiction; Espionage; Thrillers

  Rock n Romance Vintage, Authentic 1940s and 50s Inspired Style Clothing
John Creasey (1908 - 1973)
See also these pages: The Baron; Bruce Murdoch; Department Z; Dr. Palfrey; Inspector West; J.J. Marric; The Toff

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About the Author:
John Creasey lived near Salisbury, Wiltshire, England on land once given to Sir John Botenham by King John. Married four times, he had three sons, three daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

He published over 600 books following 743 rejection slips, with worldwide sales in November 1971 of over 80 million copies in at least 5000 different editions in 28 different languages. Britain and the United States were his main markets with total sales in each of over two million copies a year with at least half a million elsewhere.

Also known as: aka
Gordon Ashe, M E Cooke, Norman Deane, Robert Caine Frazer, Patrick Gill, Michael Halliday, Charles Hogarth, Brian Hope, Colin Hughes, Kyle Hunt, Abel Mann, Peter Manton, J J Marric, Richard Martin, Rodney Mattheson, Anthony Morton, Jeremy York

The listings below aim to group Creasey's works together where possible, e.g. to keep all the Gordon Ashe books together. Within each grouping, there are further groupings such as those books written as part of a series (e.g. Patrick Dawlish) and those not (non-series).

Series Written:
The Baron (written as Anthony Morton)
Dr Emmanuel Cellini (written as Michael Halliday)
Patrick Dawlish (written as Gordon Ashe)
Department Z
Fane Brothers
Gideon (written as J.J. Marric)
The Liberator (written as Norman Deane)
Bruce Murdoch (written as Norman Deane)
Dr. Palfrey
Superintendent Folly (written as Jeremy York)
The Toff
Inspector West

Creasey writing as M.E.Cooke (non-series) [top]
1934. Fire of Death
1935. The Black Heart
1935. The Casino Mystery
1935. The Crime Gang
1935. The Death Drive
1935. No. 1's Last Crime
1935. The Stolen Formula Mystery
1936. The Big Radium Mystery
1936. The Day of Terror
1936. The Dummy Robberies
1936. The Moat Farm Mystery
1936. The Hypnotic Demon
1936. The Secret Formula
1936. The Successful Alibi
1937. The Hadfield Mystery
1937. The Moving Eye
1937. The Raven
1937. For Her Sister's Sake
1939. The Mountain Terror
1940. The Verrall Street Affair

Creasey writing as Creasey (non-series) [top]
1932. Seven Times Seven
1933. Men, Maids and Murder
1958. Children of Despair
1960. The Mountain of the Blind
1961. The Foothills of Fear
1972. The Masters of Bow Street

Creasey writing as Patrick Gill (non-series) [top]
1937. The Fighting Footballers
1937. The Laughing Lightweight
1939. The 10,000 Trophy Race
1939. The Battle for the Cup
1939. The Fighting Tramp
1939. The Mystery of the Centre-Forward
1940. The Secret Super-Charger

Creasey writing as Charles Hogarth (non-series) [top]
1944. Murder on Largo Island

Creasey writing as Brian Hope (non-series) [top]
1938. Four Motives for Murder

Creasey writing as Colin Hughes (non-series) [top]
1940. Triple Murder

Creasey writing as Kyle Hunt (non-series) [top]
1957. Kill Once, Kill Twice
1958. Kill A Wicked Man
1959. Kill My Love
1960. To Kill A Killer

Creasey writing as Abel Mann (non-series) [top]
1966. Danger Woman

Creasey writing as Peter Manton (non-series) [top]
1937. The Greyvale School Mystery
1937. Murder Manor
1937. Stand By for Death
1938. The Circle of Justice
1938. Three Day's Terror
1939. The Crime Syndicate
1939. Death Looks On
1939. Murder In the Highlands
1940. The Midget Marvel
1948. Policeman's Triumph
1953. No Escape from Murder
1954. The Charity Killers
1954. The Crooked Killer

Creasey writing as Richard Martin (non-series) [top]
1947. Keys to Crime
1948. Vote to Murder
1954. Adrian and Jonathan

Creasey writing as Rodney Mattheson (non-series) [top]
1935. The Dark Shadow
1936. The House of Ferrars

Creasey writing as Anthony Morton (non-series) [top]
1943. Mr. Quentin Investigates
1944. Introducing Mr. Brandon


Department Z [top]
1933. The Death Miser
1933. Redhead
1934. First came a murder
1935. Death Round The Corner
1935. The Mark of the Crescent
1936. Thunder in Europe
1936. The Terror Trap
1937. Carriers of Death
1937. Days of Danger
1938. Death Stands By
1938. Menace!
1939. Murder Must Wait
1939. Panic!
1940. Death By Night
1940. The Island of Peril
1941. Sabotage
1941. Go Away Death
1942. The Day of Disaster
1942. Prepare for Action
1943. No Darker Crime
1944. Dark Peril
1946. The Peril Ahead
1947. The League of Dark Men
1949. The Department of Death
1950. The Enemy Within
1951. Dead or Alive
1954. A Kind of Prisoner
1951. The Black Spiders

The Baron Stories. [top]
Creasey wrote these under the pseudonym of Anthony Morton

1937. Meet the Baron.
A.k.a The Man in the Blue Mask
1937. The Baron Returns
A.k.a The Return of Blue Mask
1938. The Baron Again
A.k.a Salute Blue Mask
1938. The Baron At Bay
A.k.a Blue Mask At Bay
1939. Alias The Baron
A.k.a Alias Blue Mask
1939. The Baron At Large
A.k.a Challenge Blue Mask
1940. Versus The Baron
A.k.a Blue Mask Strikes Again
1940. Call for the Baron
A.k.a Blue Mask Victorious
1943. The Baron Comes Back
1945. A Case for the Baron
1945. Reward for the Baron
1946. Career for the Baron
1947. The Baron and the Beggar
1948. Blame the Baron
1948. A Rope for the Baron
1949. Books for the Baron
1950. Cry for the Baron
1950. Trap the Baron
1951. Shadow the Baron
1952. Warn the Baron
1953. The Baron Goes East
1953. The Baron in France
1953. Danger for the Baron
1954. The Baron Goes Fast
1954. Nest Egg for the Baron
A.k.a Deaf, Dumb and Blonde
1955. Help from the Baron
1956. Hide the Baron
1957. Frame the Baron
A.k.a The Double Frame
1958. Red Eye for the Baron
A.k.a Blood Red
1959. Black for the Baron
A.k.a If anything happens to Hester
1960. Salute for the Baron
A.k.a The Baron Branches Out
1962. Bad for the Baron
A.k.a The Baron and the Stolen Legacy
1963. A Sword for the Baron
A.k.a The Baron and the Mogul Swords
1964. The Baron on Board
1966. Sport for the Baron
1967. Affair for the Baron
1968. The Baron and the Missing Old Masters
1969. The Baron and the Unfinished Portrait
1970. Last laugh for the Baron
1971. The Baron Goes A Buying
1972. The Baron and the Arrogant Artist
1973. Burgle The Baron
1975. The Baron-King Maker
1979. Love for the Baron

The Toff [top]

1938. Introducing the Toff
1939. The Toff Goes On
1939. The Toff Steps Out
1940. Here Comes the Toff
1940. The Toff Breaks In
1941. Salute The Toff
1941. The Toff Proceeds
1942. The Toff Goes to Market
1942. The Toff is Back
1943. The Toff Among Millions
1943. Accuse the Toff
1944. The Toff and the Curate
A.k.a The Toff and the Deadly Parson
1944. The Toff and the Great Illusion
1945. Feathers for the Toff
1946. The Toff and the Lady
1946. The Toff on Ice
A.k.a A Poison for the Toff
1947. Hammer The Toff
1947. The Toff In Town
1948. The Toff Takes Shares
1949. The Toff and Old Harry
1949. The Toff on Board
1950. Fool The Toff
1950. Kill The Toff
1951. The Toff Goes Gay
A.k.a A Mask for the Toff
1952. Hunt The Toff
1953. Call The Toff
1953. The Toff Down Under
A.k.a Break The Toff
1953. Murder Out of the Past
1954. The Toff at Buttons
1954. The Toff at the Fair
A.k.a Last Laugh for the Toff

1955. A Six for the Toff
A.k.a A Score for the Toff
1955. The Toff and the Deep Blue Sea
1956. Make-up for the Toff
A.k.a Kiss the Toff
1956. The Toff in New York
1957. Model for the Toff
1957. The Toff on Fire
1958. The Toff and the Stolen Tresses
1958. The Toff on the Farm.
A.k.a Terror for the Toff
1959. Double for the Toff
1959. The Toff and the Runaway Bride
1959. A Doll for the Toff [click here for edition details & storyline]
1960. A Rocket for the Toff
1960. The Toff and the Kidnapped Child
A.k.a The Kidnapped Child
1961. Follow The Toff
1961. The Toff and the Teds
A.k.a The Toff and the Toughs
1962. Leave it to the Toff
1965. The Toff and the Spider
1966. The Toff in Wax
1967. A Bundle for the Toff
1968. Stars for the Toff
1969. The Toff and the Golden Boy
1970. The Toff and the Fallen Angels
1971. Vote for the Toff
1972. TheToff and the Trip-Trip-Triplets
1973. The Toff and the Terrified Taxman
1974. The Toff and the Sleepy Cowboy
1977. The Toff and the Crooked Copper
1978. The Toff and the Dead Men's Finger (with William Vivian Butler)

Patrick Dawlish [top]
Creasey wrote these under the pseudonym of Gordon Ashe
1939. Death on demand
A.k.a The Croaker
1940. Terror by day
1941. 'Ware Danger
1942. Murder Most Foul
1942. There Goes Death
1942. Death in High Places
1943. Death in Flames
1943. Two Men Missing
1944. Rogues Rampant
1945. Death on the Move
1945. Invitation to Adventure
1946. Here is Danger
1947. Give Me Murder
1947. Murder Too Late
1948. Dark Mystery
1948. Engagement with Death
1949. A Puzzle in Pearls
1949. Kill or Be Killed
1950. The Dark Circle
1950. Murder with Mushrooms
1951. Death in Diamonds
1951. Missing or Dead?
1952. Death in a Hurry
1953. The Long Search
A.k.a. Drop Dead
1953. Sleepy Death
1954. Double for death
1954. Death in the Trees
1955. The Kidnapped Child
A.k.a The Snatch
1956. Day of Fear
1957. Wait for Death
1958. Came Home to Death
A.k.a The Pack of Lies
1959. Elope to Death
1960. Don't Let Him Kill
A.k.a The Man Who Laughed at Murder
1961. The Crime Haters
1962. Rogues Ransom
1963. Death from Below
1964. The Big Call
1965. A Promise of Diamonds
1966. A Taste of Treasure
1967. A Clutch of Coppers
1968. A Shadow of Death
1970. A Scream of Murder
1970. A Nest of Traitors
1971. A Rabble of Rebels
1973. A Life for Death
1973. A Herald of Doom (reviewed in London Mystery Selection No. 101)
1975. A Blast of Trumpets
1976. A Plague of Demons

Creasey writing as Gordon Ashe (non-series books) [top]

1940. Who Was The Jester?
A.k.a. The Masked Gunman
1955. The Man Who Stayed Alive
1956. No Need to Die
A.k.a. You've Bet Your Life

Bruce Murdoch [top]
Creasey wrote these stories under the pseudonym of Norman Deane

1939. Secret Errand
1939. Dangerous Journey
1940. Unknown Mission
1940. The Withered Man
1941. I am the Withered Man
1942. Where is the Withered Man?

Creasey writing as Norman Deane (non-series) [top]
1946. Play for Murder
1946. The Silent House
1948. Why Murder?
1948. Intent to Murder
1949. The Man I Didn't Kill
1950. No Hurry to Kill
1951. Double for Murder
1952. Look at Murder
1952. Golden Death
1953. Murder Ahead
1954. Death in the Spanish Sun
1954. Incense to Death

The Liberator (also written under the pseudonym of Norman Deane) [top]
1943. Return to Adventure
1944. Gateway to Escape
1945. Come Home to Crime

Inspector West [top]

1942. Inspector West Takes Charge
1943. Inspector West Leaves Town
A.k.a. Go Away To Murder

1944. Inspector West At Home
1945. Inspector West Regrets
1946. Holiday for Inspector West
1948. Battle for Inspector West
1948. Triumph for Inspector West
A.k.a. The Case Against Paul Raeburn

1949. Inspector West Kicks Off
A.k.a. Sport for Inspector West
1950. Inspector West Alone
1950. Inspector West Cries Wolf
A.k.a. The Creepers

1951. A Case for Inspector West
A.k.a. The Figure in the Dusk

1951. Puzzle for Inspector West
A.k.a. The Dissemblers

1952. Inspector West At Bay
A.k.a. The Blind Spot
1953. A Gun for Inspector West
A.k.a. Give A Man A Gun

1953. Send Inspector West
A.k.a. Send Superintendent West
1954. Beauty for Inspector West
A.k.a. The Beauty Queen Killer

1955. Inspector West Makes Haste
A.k.a. The Gelignite Gang

1955. Two for Inspector West
A.k.a. Murder: One, Two, Three

1956. Parcels for Inspector West
A.k.a. Death of a Postman

1956. A Prince for Inspector West
A.k.a. Death of an Assassin
1957. Accident for Inspector West
A.k.a. Hit and Run

1957. Find Inspector West
A.k.a The Trouble at Saxby's

1958. Murder, London-New York
1958. Strike for Death
A.k.a. The Killing Strike
1959. Death of A Racehorse
1959. The Case of the Innocent Victims
1960. Murder on the Line
1961. Death in Cold Print
1961. The Scene of The Crime
1962. Policeman's Dread
1963. Hang the Little Man
1964. Look Three Ways at Murder
1965. Murder, London-Australia
1966. Murder, London-South Africa
1967. The Executioners
1968. So Young To Burn
1969. Murder, London-Miami
1970. A Part for a Policeman
1971. Alibi
A.k.a. Alibi for Inspector West
1972. A Splinter of Glass
1973. The Theft of Magna Carta
1974. The Extortioners
1978. A Sharp Rise in Crime

Dr. Palfrey [top]

1942. Traitor's Doom
1943. The Legion of the Lost
1943. The Valley of Fear
A.k.a. The Perilous Country
1944. Dangerous Quest
1945. Death in the Rising Sun
1945. The Hounds of Vengeance
1946. The House of the Bears
1947. Dark Harvest
1948. The Wings of Peace
1948. The Sons of Satan
1949. The Dawn of Darkness
1949. The League of Light
1950. The Man Who Shook The World
1951. The Prophet of Fire
1952. The Children of Hate
A.k.a. The Killers of Innocence
1954. The Touch of Death
1955. The Mists of Fear
1956. The Flood
1958. The Plague of Silence
1959. The Drought
A.k.a. Dry Spell
1962. The Terror
1963. The Depths
1964. The Sleep
1965. The Inferno
1967. The Famine
1968. The Blight
1969. The Oasis
1970. The Smog
1971. The Unbegotten
1972. The Insulators
1973. The Voiceless Ones
1976. The Thunder Maker
1979. The Whirlwind

Superintendent Folly [top]
Creasey wrote these stories under the pseudonym of Jeremy York

1945. Find The Body
1946. Murder Came Late
1947. Run Away to Murder
1947. Let's Kill Uncle Lionel

Creasey writing as Jeremy York (non-series) [top]
1941. By Persons Unknown
1943. Murder Unseen
1944. No Alibi
1945. Yesterday's Murder
1948. Close the door on murder
1950. Death To My Killer
1950. Sentence of Death
1952. Voyage of Death
1953. Safari with Murder
1955. So Soon To Die
1956. Seeds of Murder
1956. Sight of Death
1958. My Brother's Killer
1959. Hide and Kill
1960. To Kill or To Die
A.k.a. To Kill or Die

Gideon [top]
Creasey wrote these stories under the pseudonym of J.J.Marric

1955. Gideon's Day
A.k.a. Gideon of Scotland Yard
1956. Gideon's Week
A.k.a. Gideon's Fear
1957. Gideon's Night
1958. Gideon's Month
1959. Gideon's Staff
1960. Gideon's Risk
1961. Gideon's Fire
1962. Gideon's March
1963. Gideon's Ride
1964. Gideon's Vote
1965. Gideon's Lot
1966. Gideon's Badge
1967. Gideon's Wrath
1968. Gideon's River
1969. Gideon's Power
1970. Gideon's Sport
1971. Gideon's Art
1972. Gideon's Men
1973. Gideon's Press
1974. Gideon's Fog
1976. Gideon's Drive
1978. Gideon's Force

Mark Kilby [top]
Creasey wrote these stories under the pseudonym of Robert Caine Frazer

1959. R.I.S.C
A.k.a Mark Kilby Solves A Murder
1960. Secret Syndicate
A.k.a. Mark Kilby and the Secret Syndicate
1960. The Miami Mob
A.k.a. Mark Kilby and the Miami Mob
1961. The Hollywood Hoax
1962. Mark Kilby Takes A Risk
1962. Mark Kilby Stands Alone
A.k.a. Mark Kilby and the Manhattan Murders

Written under a pseudonym

John Creasey - selected titles

John Creasey,
Department Z

The Baron

More of The Baron

Creasey, The Toff



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Patrick Dawlish (Gordon Ashe)




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Creasey, Inspector West



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Gideon (JJ Marric)

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Dr. Palfrey

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Michael Halliday (John Creasey) [top]

Fane Brothers [top]
1951. Take A Body
1952. The Lame Dog Murder
1953. Murder In The Stars
1953. Man on the Run

Dr. Emmanuel Cellini [top]
1965. Cunning As A Fox
1966. Wicked As The Devil
1967. Sly As A Serpent
1968. Cruel As A Cat
1969. Too Good To Be True
1970. A Period Of Evil
1971. As Lonely As The Damned
1972. As Empty As Hate
1973. As Merry As Hell
1974. This Man Did I Kill
1976. The Man Who Was Not Himself

Creasey writing as Michael Halliday (non-series) [top]
1937. Four Find Danger
1937. Three for Adventure
1938. Two Meet Trouble
1940. Heir To Murder
1940. Murder By The Way
1940. Murder Come Home
1941. Who Saw Him Die?
1942. Foul Play Suspected
1942. Who Died At The Grange?
1943. Murder At King's Kitchen
1943. Five To Kill
1944. No Crime More Cruel
1944. Who Said Murder?
1945. Crime with many voices
1946. Murder makes murder
1947. Lend A Hand to Murder
1947. Mystery Motive
1948. No End to Danger
1948. First A Murder
1949. The Dying Witnesses
1949. Who Killed Rebecca?
1950. Murder Week-End
1950. Dine With Murder
1951. Quarrel with Murder
1954. Out of the Shadows
1954. Death Out of Darkness
1955. Cat and Mouse
A.k.a. Hilda Take Heed
1955. Murder At End House
1957. Death of A Stranger
A.k.a. Come Here And Die
1957. Runaway
1958. Missing from home
A.k.a. Missing
1958. Murder Assured
1959. Thicker Than Water
1960. Go Ahead With Murder
A.k.a. Two for the Money
1960. How Many to Kill?
A.k.a. The Girl with the Leopard-Skin Bag
1961. The Edge of Terror
1961. The Man I Killed
1962. Hate To Kill
1964. Guilt of Innocence

Dr. Emmanuel Cellini

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