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1999. Trading in Metals

Tarring, Trevor; and Pinney, Geoff. 'Trading in Metals', published in 1987, 2nd edition, hardback, 275pp, ISBN 0947671293. Sorry, sold out, but click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon UK
1989, Metal Bulletin Books, Ltd.
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  • Trading in Metals [top]
    Edited by Trevor Tarring and Geoff Pinney
    First published in 1953 in Great Britain as "In a Metal Merchant's Office"
    Reprinted in 1989 as the 2nd Edition in Great Britain by Metal Bulletin Books Ltd, in hardback with dustjacket, 275pp, ISBN 0947671293
    Original UK retail price: £30.00

Contents: Sometimes referred to as the 2nd oldest profession, metals trading is a business which is truly global in scope. It is also a major economic and strategic force, and has many rules, conventions, practices and jargon expressions which can seem puzzling to those not familiar with them. The publishers of Metal Bulletin, the journal which is known as the "bible" of the international metal trade, are ideally placed to explain these mysteries. Indeed for more than 40 years now, through the earlier editoin of this book and through its predecessor "In A Metal Merchant's Office", they have been providing this service to those with a need to know, both inside and outside of the metal trade. Trading in metals occurs whenever a miner sells ore, a smelter sells metal or a consumer buys a sheet of aluminium or a brass tube. It has a lot in common with other branches of international commerce and economics. But the metal business well merits a text book of its own because of the greater than average value of each transaction and the greater than average volatility of its markets.

"Trading in Metals" offers a step-by-step guide to trade practice providing the new entrant with the means to achieve a reasonable degree of professionalism by a study of the book. Of course there is no substitute for the traditional training system - listening to aand watching the moves of a trained trader. But experts are busy men.

"Trading in Metals" also provides handsomely for the countless individuals who, although not actually engaged in commerce in metals, need to keep closely in touch with the metals trade. Therefore school and university career counsellors at one extreme through interests as diverse as security investment analysts and Customs departments to bank and Government officials, will find a wealth of instruction and reference information within the pages of this book.



All the below chapters are by Geoff Pinney
Chapter 1. A Trader by Definition
Chapter 2. Contract Administration
Chapter 3. Shipping and Warehousing
Chapter 4. Commercial Techniques
Chapter 5. Documentation
Chapter 6. Arbitrage
Chapter 7. Copper

The Metals
Chapter 8. Aluminium (by both editors)
Chapter 9. Lead (by Geoff Pinney)
Chapter 10. Zinc (by Geoff Pinney)
Chapter 11. Nickel (by the editors)
Chapter 12. Tin (by Geoff Pinney)
Chapter 13. Base Metal Connectors (by Geoff Pinney)
Chapter 14. Other Ores Trading (by Trevor Tarring)
Chapter 15. Minor Metals Trading (by Peter Robbins and Trevor Tarring)
Chapter 16. Ferro-alloys Trading (by Trevor Tarring)
Chapter 17. Secondary Ingots (by Trevor Tarring)
Chapter 18. Precious Metals Trading (by Trevor Tarring)
Chapter 19. Scrap Metal (by Trevor Lebentz)

1. The Alchemical Symbols
2. Physical Constants of the Best Known Metals
3. Physical Constants of the Very Rare Metals
4. Common Elements that Combine With Metals
5. Scrap Specifications

About the Publishing Group:
The Metal Bulletin Group traces its origins back to 1913 when Quin's Metal Market Newsletter and Quin's Metal Handbook and Statistics were published. From those early days, the Group has expanded its remit considerably and today covers steel, metals, non-metallic minerals, mining, futures and advanced materials; and can provide a wide range of highly responsive information services, combined with periodicals, reference books, directories, surveys and conferences.

In 1979, Metal Bulletin Inc was formed in New York and this new company gathers editorial information for the Group's journals combined with selling the complete range of Group titles and the organisation of conferences in the North American region.
The main publication is "Metal Bulletin" and "Metal Bulletin Monthly", which subscribers receive in over 100 countries.

Other periodicals are: "Industrial Minerals" (for the non-metallic minerals industry), "Futures and Options World" (futures trading), "World Mining Equipment" and "Materials Edge" (which covers advanced materials technology)

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