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Hazel Archard


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Hazel Archard. b. 1st June 1920, d. November 1996
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1998. Selected Poems by Hazel Archard

About the Author: Hazel Archard was born Hazel Thorpe in Eastbourne on 1st June 1920, the youngest child of the family. Her education took her to Eastbourne High School and she later graduated in French and German at London University.
During the war, she was a teacher, which she carried on after the cessation of hostilities, at the Lewes County Grammar School for Boys. She moved posts to start teaching at Eastbourne High School and later gave this up to look after her husband's elderly aunt.
At the Lewes Little Theatre, she met her future husband James Archard, who was a farmer on a small farm at Piltdown Sussex. She died shortly after their golden wedding anniversary from a massive stroke, never having regained consciousness.
Her poetry interests manifested themselves in her membership of the Downland Poets' Group in Eastbourne. She was also a member of the Labour party, Friends of the Earth and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (for which she spent many nights camping at Greenham Common)

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Archard, Hazel. 'Selected Poems', published in 1998 by Moses Farm Publications in hardback with dustjacket, 146pp, ISBN 0953197808. Condition: Good, clean copy, ex-library with unclipped dustjacket protected by plastic sleeve. Has a couple of library stamps inside, but is a very decent copy overall. Price: £3.25, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1998, Moses Farm Publications.
In stock, click to buy for £3.25 (not including p&p)

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  • Selected Poems By [top]
    First published in 1998 in Great Britain by Moses Farm Publications, Piltdown, East Sussex, United Kingdom; in hardback with dustjacket, 146pp, ISBN 0953197808 . Original UK retail price: £8.00
    Portrait of the author and drawing by Martin Spencer

Poems Included/Contents: [Please don't forget to use CTRL+F to activate the page search box if you can't see the poem you want and need to search for it]
Wandering into Love, Sunday, Another Sea, Beaver Less Eager, Bearing Gifts, Green Lan, Been on a Pane*, Blood Moon*, Begging the Question, History, Monkey with the Atom Bomb, Dreamspiders, Child in Age, Sonnet for the Day, Day of the Binder*, Bonfires, Dance of the Dusk, Cheeseparing, The Eye of the Needle, I Blame All Those Scientists, The Dormouse (Glis), Daisies and Buttercups, Bird Watcher, Common Place, Cornish Coast, Fellow Travellers, Naked River Bather*, Bided Time, Broken Down, Hard Times*, A Fellow of Some Standing, The Gravy Train, Creator, Island Shore*, Red Flower*, Dust, Not for the World, Martha, Much Obliged, Coming of Age, Remorse of the Henchmen, Escape Dream, The Circle, Bottled Up, I Keep Them Fast, Conversation, Lot's Wife, Father to Son, Questionnaire, Grot, Esprit Fort, Jargon, The Eccentric, Hospital Life, The Mathemagician, Hoar Frost, Moonstrike, The Hare, Sorrow Sorrow, Coal, Lord of the Plane Trees, End of Climb, The Rock, Geese in the Garden, Sounds Gone By, Poor Fish, Making Love, Damoclesian Dance, To a sister, Easy Going, Success Story, Setting Our Sights, The Ripple 1992, Some Done, Remorse, End, For the Time Being, Intimacy, Sad Shadow, Trying, Colour Sense, Housebound, Fifty Years On, Getting Ready, Firelight, Guilty Going, Her Face, Introspection, Forsaken, In the Wilderness, Going Carefully, He Took His Own, Panic Pipe, The Quest, Intensive Care, Disillusion, Mud Styx, The Looker On, The Rabbits are Back, The Chocoholic, Martello, Playing Safe, Human, Night Trains, Hopeful Quest, I Had A Window, Fishing Idyll, Remembered Days, End of Drought, Grub in Spring, Late Spring, Swans Coming Down, Night Walk over the Severn Sisters, Long Wind, Sheffield Park, Dung Beetle, Horse and Groom, Release, Growth, Lone Creature, The Hearth, High Summer, A Pox on It, Screwmatics, The Purpose, Hard Horizon, Here I Sit, Long Bond, The Upright Man, On Women, The Fright, The Tower of Babel, Thirties Fair, The Last Minute, Friends of the Earth, No Fairy Tale, The Sound of Shape, In Two Minds, Supping with the Devil, Negatives, Looking Up, Rebekah, Nemesis, Firework, Day of Rest, The Flail, Night Breakers, Immortality, Prepared, Day of Reckoning, Militant Marches, Wrong Premises Tell Tale, Retirement, Water Lillies, A Submission, Death Wish, A Mouse, No Smoke, Work Satisfaction, Winter's End, Rising Sap, Slow Land, Tractor Driver, Noisy Squatters, Ten Acre Wood, The Old Walk, Under Cloud, Plain from Above, High Noon, Rising Rain, The Path Ahead, Failing Orator, Point of Tears, Return Journey, Pulsar, Taking Off, Fixed Pattern, Monster Calm, Initial Effort, Frost, Sea Moon, Fugative Flints, Golden Sovereign, On Preparing A Pigeon, Olympic Flame, Desolation, Mates, New Inspiration, No Light, Marriage, Miller Still Jolly, Why Cry? Ancient Chimney, Beachy Head, Self-Knowledge, Down and Out, Identity, White Eagle..., The Wish, The Kindling, The Search, Reluctant Rising, Wasting Winter, Skylark, Passing Fair, Summer Holiday, So Here We Come Then, Snow, Old Moon, March Promise, Summer's Going, Straight Trees, Purr, Old Couple, Posters, Waiting Room, The Martyr, The Players, Population Control, Riddled Sky, Sad Case, Transplants,s The Way In, With Heavy Heart, Sharp Showers, The Paddling Pier, Trailing Clouds Gory, Winter Pattern, Tilted Clock, Through A Glass, Hunger Eats the Seed, Unseasonable Comments... , Flicker Flattery, Confrontation, The Owl's Tale, Dawn in a Garden, Maturity, Company, The Chasm, Apprehension, The Catalyst, Fogbound, Squirrels, Noise, Dandelion Time, Groynes, Seagulls, Guidance, Hardly Fair, Stopgaps, Natural Injustice, Bystanders, Violence, Pop Star, Discouragement, To Stodger, Nature Trail, Picker Pest, Ham, View from a Hill, Abdication, The Grain

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