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2002. Microsystems Technology: Fabrication, Test & Reliability

Boussey, Jumana. 'Microsystems Technology: Fabrication, Test & Reliability', published by Kogan Page Science in hardback with dustjacket, 295pp, ISBN 1903996473. Condition: very good, clean copy, well looked-after. Price: £29.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
2003, Kogan Page Science, hbk
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  • Microsystems Technology: Fabrication, Test & Reliability [top]
    Edited by Jumana Boussey
    First published in France in 2002 by Hermes Science Publications under the title of 'Microsystem Technology'
    First published in 2003 in Great Britain and the United States by Kogan Page Science, an imprint of Kogan Page Limited, in hardback with dustjacket, 295pp, ISBN 1903996473

About the book/synopsis: The Microsystems technology (MST) industry has has its origins in microelectronics and has now become an important player in industry and in Research & Development. Products using MST contain embedded microsensors and microactuators, which in recent times have added considerable value to a number of industrial products, reducing unit cost and increasing functionality. Two examples are airbags and inkjet printer heads. MST uses microfabrication techniques and employs a range of expertise from specific design to customised packing and a large range of collective fabrication procedures

Foreword by Jumana Boussey
1. From Microelectronics to Microtechnology
By Robert Aigner

2. An Overview of Surface Micromachining
By Dominique Collard, Hiroyuki Fujita, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Bernard Legrand, and Lionel Buchaillot

3. Bulk Micromachining and MEMS Packaging
By Masayoshi Esashi

4. Electrostatic Micro-actuators
By Dominique Collard, Hiroyuki Fujita, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Bernard Legrand and Lionel Buchaillot

5. The LIGA Microfabrication Technique
By Wolfgang Menz and Jurgen Mohr

6. A Review of Wafer Bonding
By Stefan Bengtsson

7. Single-crystal Silicon Micro-opto-electro-mechanical Devices
By Tarik Bourouina, Philippe Hélin and Olivier Francais

8. Permanent Magnets for MAGMAS
By Orphée Cugat

9. RF MEMS for the Mobile Communications Era: Present and Future
By Adrian M. Ionescu

10. From Microelectronics to Integrated Microsystems Testing
By Salvador Mir and Benoit Charlot

11. Reliability and Failure Analysis Issues in MEMS
By Ingrid de Wolf

12. CoventorWare(TM) MEMS Design Methodology
By Christian Dupiller

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