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Skara Brae: Northern Europe's Best Preserved Prehistoric Village by David Clarke and Patrick Maguire

Clarke, David. 'Skara Brae: Northern Europe's Best Preserved Prehistoric Village', published in 1996 by Historic Scotland, pbk, staple binding, ISBN 0748001905. Condition: very good, although a little bent from being stored under other books. Price: £4.25, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1996, Historic Scotland
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  • Skara Brae: Northern Europe's Best Preserved Prehistoric Village [top]
    Written by David Clarke and Patrick Maguire; Edited by Christopher Tabraham; Designed by The Marketing & Design Agency; Principal photography by Michael Brooks and Ian Larner. Drawings by Bil Fulton and Ross Gillespie.
    First published in Great Britain in 1989
    Reprinted in 1996 by Historic Scotland in paperback, 28pp, ISBN 0748001905

Contents: Full of drawings, photographs and interesting text, the book looks at Skara Brae, which is the ruin of an ancient village uncovered by a ferocious storm in Orkney in the winter of 1850. A huge midden or refuse heap was also uncovered. Skara Brae is the best preserved prehistoric village in Northern Europe and was inhabited before the Egyptian pyramids were built, some 5000+ years ago. It flourished many centuries before construction at Stonehenge even began. But the age is not what makes it remarkable-it's the high level of preservation (although this is under threat from the encroaching sea). Even the furniture in the prehistoric village houses survives, showing rich evidence of how our ancestors lived.

The booklet takes the reader through each of the 8 viewing points over the remains and then discusses why the preservation is so good at this site. It goes on to talk about the houses, the roofs, the furniture, the beds, the dresser, the central hearth, the cells, the boxes, the doors, the carvings, the midden, the sense of community, the workshop, the marketplace, the passages, the way of life (heating, lighting, ventilation, refuse disposal), the village beneath the village at Skara Brae, the geography of the site, the work of the people of Skara Brae, their leisure, their tools, what they ate, what they wore (jewellery), and what happened towards the end of the site, the new order and the abandonment, then a final chapter on how the story came to light

2000, Historic Scotland, pbk

1989, Historic Scotland, pbk


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