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Model Railway Books

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Model Railway Books
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Author: L.B.S.C., a.k.a. "Curly". Title: Mona, A Simple 0-6-2 tank engine, published by Model & Allied Publications, specialist booklet No. 3, 80 pages. Click image to go to LBSC page!

Evans, Martin. 'Rob Roy'. Click image to go to Martin Evans page!

Evans, Martin. Manual of Model Steam Locomotive Construction. 160 pages, published by Percival Marshall in 1960. Click image to go to Martin Evans page!

Greenly, Henry; Steel, Ernest A.; Steel, Elenora H. 'Greenly's Model Steam Locomotives' published as the 9th completely revised edition in 1979 by Cassell Ltd, 172pp, ISBN 0304300241. Click iimage to go to Henry Greenly page!

Picture is from different copy to listing shown when clicked. Harris, K. N. 'Model Boilers & Boilermaking', published in 1967 in hardcover by Model & Allied Publications, 188pp. Click image to go to K.N.Harris page!

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Author Pages of interest (publications by model engineers)
Terry B. Aspin
Ian Beattie
Anthony Beaumont
Trevor Booth
Tubal Cain
Martin Evans
Henry Greenly
Martin Evans
K.N. Harris L.B.S.C, a.k.a "Curly" Lawrence
Andrew Smith
Ernest A. Steel
H. E. White

Category Pages of interest (publications by model engineers)
Milling Machines & Lathes
Model Engineering-catalogues (e.g. model engineering shop catalogues)
Model Railway Books on Ebay
Model Railway Building
Model Railways-Planbooks
Percival Marshall Publications (well known for their mechanical, engineering & model engineering focus)
Stationary Steam Engines

Key Titles For the Model Locomotive Builder & Operator [alphabetical order]
0-8-0 Caribou Switcher, "Caribou" in 3.5 in gauge (and "Buffalo", a 2-8-0, a consolidation), by Martin Evans
Architectural Modelling in 4mm Scale by Dave Rowe (1983)
Baseboard Basics and Making Tracks (1.The Building of Platt Lane) by Trevor Booth)
BR [British Railways] Locomotives to Scale [4mm to 1 ft] by Ian Beattie
British Rail Main-Line Diesels: Revised and Enlarged Edition by S. W. Stevens-Stratten & R. S. Carter (drawings)
Building the 'OCLE' Open Column Launch Engine by Andrew Smith [suitable for beginners]
Bearing Design & Fitting by "Duplex" [Duplex were a team of two, known to be Ian Bradley and Norman Hallows]
Creating The Scenic Landscape (2.The Building of Platt Lane) by Trevor Booth
Historic Carriage Drawings in 4mm Scale: Vol 1. LMS and LNER by David Jenkinson & Nick Campling
Historic Locomotive Drawings in 4mm Scale by F.J.Roche
Historic Wagon Drawings in 4mm Scale by F.J. Roche
Layouts for Limited Spaces: Choice, Design, Construction, Operation by Nigel Adams (1996)
Locomotive and Rolling-Stock Construction (3. The Building of Platt Lane) by Trevor Booth (1995)
L.M.S.R Locomotives to Scale [4mm to 1 ft] by Ian Beattie
Maintenance & Management of Small Locomotives (H.E White)
Manual of Model Locomotive Building, by Martin Evans
Miniature Landscape Modelling by John H. Ahern (1951 & later eds.)
Model Boilers & Boilermaking by K.N.Harris
Model Engineering by Martin Evans (1977-gives overview of model engineering)
Modelling 4mm. Scale Rolling Stock by Michael Longridge (1948)
Modelling the Steam Age Railway by C. J. Freezer (1990)
Model Locomotive Boilers by Martin Evans
The Model Locomotive From Scratch by B. Terry Aspin[suitable for beginners]
Model Locomotive Valve Gears by Martin Evans
Model Railway Constructor Planbook 2:BR Mainline Diesels in 4mm Scale
Model Railway Constructor Planbook 3:BR Electric Locomotives in 4mm Scale
Model Stationary and Marine Steam Engines by K.N. Harris
Model Steam Turbines: How to Design and Build Them By H. H. Harrison
Painting and Lining Models by R. C. Rogers
Pacific Steam by Martin Evans
Rob Roy. How to Build a Simple 3.5 in gauge 0-6-0 tank locomotive based on the dockyard engines of the Old Caledonian Railway by Martin Evans
Simple Model Locomotive Building introducing LBSC's TICH by Martin Evans
Southern Locomotives to Scale [4mm to 1 ft] by Ian Beattie
Walschaerts' Valve Gear by Henry Greenly; Revised by Ernest A. Steel


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