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Military of the Americas - historical and modern

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1977. Wargamers Handbook of the American War of Independence 1775-1783 by Donald F. Featherstone

Featherstone, Donald F. 'Wargamers Handbook of the American War of Independence', published in 1977 in Great Britain in hardback, 107pp, ISBN 0852425449. Condition: Good+ clean and tidy condition, well looked-after, with good condition dustjacket (a bit dusty-dirty in places, but nice for its age and not price-clipped. Price: £33.00, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1977, Model & Allied Publications, hbk
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  • Wargamers Handbook of the American War of Independence 1775-1783 [top]
    First published in 1977 in Great Britain by Model and Allied Publications in hardback with dustjacket, 107pp, ISBN 0852425449. Original retail price when first published £3.75. Includes 8 sides of black and white plates (photos) and numerous maps of wargamer terrain - great for providing factual ideas for the historical war gamer
    The dustjacket illustrations, showing uniforms of the period, are reproductions from Military Modelling magazine, whilst the model soldier manufacturers, TRADITION of London provided the premises, photographers and painted model soldiers (made by them) that are featured within this book (modern readers of this volume will still be able to make much of the information within; but the soldiers will need to be sourced from other manufacturers)

About this book/synopsis: this book is aimed at the increasing numbers of wargamers who have been enthusiastically recreating the famous battles of history on realistic table-top battlefields using colourful armies of model soldiers, here specifically the American War of Independence - an event of cataclysmic importance for the history of the world and particularly that of the Americas. It took the British colonies in America out of British hands and gave birth to a world superpower: the United States of America.

The war of independence offers much for the model soldier and wargames enthusiast and those interested in the history of warfare: the uniforms, methods of fighting, generals, leadership, weapons, and strategy, not forgetting the fact that there were lots of small battles on a comfortably small scale without too much complexity (lending themselves to easy and fun recreation for the modeller and strategist).

Sometimes called "Chess with a thousand pieces", wargames can involve only a handful of troops on a cramped field or be extensive campaigns with thousands of soldiers fighting to realistic rules on vast and colourful terrains. The American Revolution of 1775 to 1783 is a war of battles bearing colourful names, most of them ideally suited for re-fighting on table-top battlefields, where the skilful General can triumphantly turn historical defeats into victories. This book tells the war-gamer how to don the mantle of Washington and lead American armies against British Regulars or to display greater tactical genius than Burgoyne and Cornwallis. After outlining the historical course of the war, the soldiers of both sides and their styles of fighting are described and commanders evaluated. This means of re-fighting the major battles as wargames are explained, with maps of the battlefields transformed into table-top terrains. Hints on formulating rules include a complete set that authentically simulate warfare of the period.

This book is a complete manual for wargamers on the events of the period, the battles and the men. It includes concise but comprehensive rules, the pick of the most suitable battles to refight in miniature and a discussion of the wargame aspects of each battle.

The War of the American Revolution 1775-1783
Easy Reference Charts - The War in the North; The War in the South
The Antagonists
Their Style of Fighting
The Commanders
Re-fighting the Battles of the War of the American Revolution
Brandywine - 11th September 1777
Freeman's Farm - 19th September 1777
Germantown - 4th October 1777
Bemis Heights - 7th October 1777
Monmouth - 28th June 1778
Camden - 16th August 1780
Guilford Courthouse - 15th March 1781
Hobkirk's Hill - 25th April 1781
Cowpens - 17th January 1781
Eutaw Springs - 8th September 1781
All the Best Games Have Rules!
Model Soldiers for Wargames
How to paint your miniature armies
Building table-top battlefields
Index; Pictorial Section


Military Models - The Americas


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