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Norman Deane (John Creasey)

Crime Fiction

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Norman Deane (John Creasey)

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Bruce Murdoch
Creasey wrote these stories under the pseudonym of Norman Deane
1939. Secret Errand
1939. Dangerous Journey
1940. Unknown Mission
1940. The Withered Man
1941. I am the Withered Man
1942. Where is the Withered Man?

Creasey writing as Norman Deane (non-series) [top]
1946. Play for Murder
1946. The Silent House
1948. Why Murder?
1948. Intent to Murder
1949. The Man I Didn't Kill
1950. No Hurry to Kill
1951. Double for Murder
1952. Look at Murder
1952. Golden Death
1953. Murder Ahead
1954. Death in the Spanish Sun
1954. Incense to Death

The Liberator (also written under the pseudonym of Norman Deane) [top]
1943. Return to Adventure
1944. Gateway to Escape
1945. Come Home to Crime

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Creasey, John. 'Gateway to Escape', published in 1973 in Great Britain by Arrow Books, in paperback, 192pp, ISBN 009906930x. Condition: good, but vintage with creased & worn cover & tanned internal pages (browning effect from ageing). Price: £0.45, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1973, Arrow, pbk
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  • Gateway To Escape [top]
    First published in 1944 by Hurst and Blackett, Ltd., in hardback under John Creasey's pen-name of Norman Deane
    Reprinted in paperback in 1973 by Arrow Books, 192pp, ISBN 009906930x
    Cover design by Tom Simmonds
    Original UK retail price: UK-35 pence; Australia-$1.20; New Zealand-$1.20; Malta-40 cents

Storyline: Count Pietro Bellini was an unusual and unpleasant man. He was apparently Italian and someone even the Germans deferred to; in summary-quite coldly ruthless.

Norman Deane was under interrogation from this man - Bellini wanted to know the the whereabouts of The Liberator- possibly the most wanted of all the men in the Resistance. Bellini would kill and torture as casually as other men would crush an insect.

1. Talk of the Newcomer
2. A New Arrival
3. Le Comte du Chesne
4. Was du Chesne robbed?
5. We move from Acon
6. The Mystery of a Name
7. The Case of De Brinnon
8. The Ruthless Italian
9. The Nature of Count Bellini
10. A Message from 'Lucille'
11. A Child is Born
12. Adventures in a bathroom
13. Le Chat de Nuit
14. M'sieu Maurice Riviere
15. So Near to Success
16. The Dark Months
17. Colette - and New Hope
18. A Set of Photographs
19. New Vistas
20. An Adventure at Sea
21. Signor Bianchi is Helpful
22. Viva Diano!
23. We Hear Bad News of Lucille
24. I Fail to Persuade Lucille
25. Me Make the Great Attempt

1974, Hutchinson, hbk

1973, Arrow Books, pbk

1944, hbk


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