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Theatre - Acting & Directing

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Theatre - Acting & Directing

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1990. Acting & Directing by Russell J. Grandstaff
1991 (and later eds.) The Roman Theatre and Its Audience by Richard C. Beacham

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  • Acting & Directing: Third Edition [top]
    Written by Russell J. Grandstaff
    First published in 1990 in the US by National Textbook Company, US, in paperback, 80pp, ISBN 0844251321
    Cover photo is of the O' Malley Theatre of Roosevelt University acting out a scene from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', directed by Yolanda Lyon Miller, Set Designer Robert Martin; with actors: Thad Mayhugh, Steve Kuhn, Marji Dainty and Elizabeth Pratt

About the book: This book was written for the beginning theatre student, explaining the roles of the actor and director and explaining their interrelationship. Basic theatre terms and play production skills are easily learned with the helpful explanations, guidelines, and illustrations provided in this book for the aspiring student of the theatre.

Part 1: Acting includes:

Expressive Use of the Voice
Being Heard, Being Understood
Expressive Use of the Body
Creative Movement
Acting Concepts & Skills
Character Analysis and Interpretation
Polish and Performance
Suggested Activities and Acting Bibliography

Part 2: Play Directing includes:
What Is a Director?
The Role of the Director
The Work of the Director
Pre-rehearsal: Analyses
Pre-rehearsal: Consultations
Pre-rehearsal: Preparing the Prompt Book
Suggested Activities
Play Directing Bibliography



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