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Crafts - Pebbles, Stones & Rocks

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Crafts - working with pebbles, stones and rocks
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1972. Pebble Polishing: A Guide to Collecting, Tumble Polishing and Making Baroque Jewellery by Edward Fletcher

Fletcher, Edward. 'Pebble Polishing: A Guide to Collecting, Tumble Polishing and Making Baroque Jewellery', published in 1974 in Great Britain by Blandford Press in hardback, 104pp, ISBN 0713705663. Condition: Good, clean & tidy condition, but vintage. Price: £2.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1974, Blandford, hbk
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About this book/synopsis: This book is aimed at the number of people who find fascination and pleasure in pebbles and gems and rocks. Although the book focuses on the British Isles, much of the information in the book - the illustrations and the instructional diagrams - are applicable throughout the world. The text lists some of the best locations in the British Isles for finding amethysts, cornelians, jaspers, serpentines and many other semi-precious pebbles which can be found around the coastline.
It explains how the reader can polish their finds with the aid of an inexpensive tumbling machine, which transforms humble pebbles into exotic gems; and it provides step-by-step instructions for making beautiful jewellery, cufflinks, etc., from your finds. Eight pages of magnificent photographs in full colour and many black & white photographs supplement the informative text.

During the past ten years [up to the early 1970s when this book was published], the author, Edward Fletcher, has hunted pearls in the Cornish rivers, panned for gold in Scotland, and searched (in vain) for King John's Treasure. In this latest book, he invites the reader to join him in a veritable 'treasure hunt', which can become an all the year round hobby combining out-door fun with indoor pleasure

1. Where to find the pebbles - the best areas-Longshore drift, equipment and safety
2. Selecting your pebbles: the basic rules, grouping the pebbles, hard pebbles, soft pebbles and a closer look at what is left
3. Tumble-polishing machines: how they work, choosing the right machine, advantages and disadvantages of different models, home-made and more advanced machines
4. Perfect polishing: grits and polish, last minute checks, loading your barrels, a grinding and polishing chart, the first grind, quality control, the second grind, the final polish, the last wash and fault finding
5. Jewellery making: basic equipment, fittings, making the jewellery
6. Exotic stones from foreign lands: grouping, lapidary shops, descriptions and tumbling hints
7. More advanced machines: diamond saws, grinding wheels, polishing discs, cast iron laps, cabochon cutting, faceting, machines on the market
8: Rules and regulations: purchase tax, income tax, import duty, local authorites
Then: Selective list of lapidary suppliers; maps showing the locations of pebbles and Index


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