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1961. China and Her Shadow by Tibor Mende

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  • China and Her Shadow [top]
    Written by Tibor Mende
    First published in 1961 in Great Britain by Thames and Hudson, 360pp, hardcover

Part One: New China in the Making

1. Modernizing a Traditional Society
2. Faith in the Future
3. Atlas with a Milliard Shoulders
4. Phases in Economic Control
5. Agricultural Collectivization of 1956
6. The Birth Control Experiment of 1957
7. 1957: The Year of 1000 Red Lights
8. The Mass Mobilization of 1958
9. Communes and the Village Steel Industry, 1958-1959
10. Illusions and Reality. An Interview with Chou En-lai
11. Reactions to the Situation in Tibet in 1959
12. Sino-Soviet Divergencies in 1959
13. The Search for a United Communist Front, 1960
14. Rethinking the Production Plans for 1960/1961

Part Two: The Neighbour

1. The New Great Wall of China
2. A Machine to Change Men's Minds
3. No Alternative to the Soviet Alliance
4. The Limits of Russian Generosity
5. From the Umbrella to the Bomb. China and the United Nations

Part Three: The Balance Sheet

1. Equality in Austerity
2. The Great Shift in Power to the Hinterland
3. Sinkiang, the New World Beyond the Jade Gate
4. Sinews of the Future
5. Change on the Land
6. Made in China in Twelve Years
7. The Levellers' Race

Part Four: The Shadow

1. A Model for Half of Mankind?
2. The Strategy of Trade
3. Gifts to Gain Friends
4. China and the West: or the End of a White Peril?
5. China and Asia: or the Iceberg of a Continent
6. The Triangle of Decision

Epilogue; Notes; Index

1961, Thames & Hudson, hbk

1905, Thames & Hudson, hbk



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