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1992. Seidler, Victor J. 'Men, Sex & Relationships: Writings from Achilles Heel.'

Seidler, Victor J. 'Men, Sex & Relationships: Writings from Achilles Heel', published in 1992 in Great Britain by Routledge, paperback, 266pp. ISBN 041507469X. Sorry, out of stock. Click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon
1992, Routledge
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Synopsis: The writers in this book explore an area of men's lives which men traditionally find difficult to talk about. Focusing on the repressed aspects of men's emotional involvement with others, the book looks at how men can come to terms with their anger and violence without projecting it onto women and gay men. Above all, it discusses new ways for men to relate to themselves and others


Chapter 1. Men, Sex and Relationships by Vic Seidler

Chapter 2. Experiences of Childhood
Mr Pine:from an account of my childhood by Paul Atkinson
Codes of Conduct by Noel Greig
From an autobiography by Dave Feintuck

Chapter 3. Sex and Sexism
Sexism and Male Sexuality by Michael Singer
'I mean, you can have a male-chauvinist fantasy...' Men's Group Discussion
'Why must I be a 30-year-old teenager in love?' by Steve Gould
Letter to a friend by Brian
How I gave up pornography by John Rowan

Chapter 4. Sexualities:Identities and Relationships
Motorway conversations:sex in long-term relationships by Andy Metcalf and Paul Morrison
Boys against sexism. From Paul Morrison talking to Dave and Gary Channer
Can't you go somewhere else! by Martin Humphries
Heath or Home by Jonathan Greveson
Some of my sexualities by Christopher Poke
Love and Sex:imagination and reality by Martin Humphries

Chapter 5. Male Violence
The Collective Discussion
Masculinity Acquitted by Tony Eardley
Stony Silences: A Discussion of Anger and Violence by Andy Moye and Tom Weld (eds)
Live dangerously: homophobia and gay power by Martin Humphries
Sexuality and male violence by Peter Bradbury
Machismo Politics:Reagan and El Salvador by Tom Weld

Chapter 6. Men's Health: Body and Mind
Sex with contraception by Tom Weld and Steve Gould
Depression by Chris Bullock
NSU by Chris Rawlins

Chapter 7. Men and Therapy
Sexuality and self-denial by Terry Cooper
A sexist story by Hans Lobstein
Love, anger and violence:fragments of an autobiography by Chris Nickolay
A way of working on oneself by Rex Bradley
Dancing Evolution by Misha Wolf

Postcript: Men, Therapy and Politics


1992, Routledge, hbk

1992, Routledge, pbk

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