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David Bischoff

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1979. Tin Woodman


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  • Tin Woodman [top]
    First published in 1979 by Sidgwick & Jackson. Reprinted in hardcover in 1980 by The Science Fiction Book Club (Readers Union)

Story: Talents. This is what 'Normals' call children born with psionic abilities. Talents are hated and feared for their powers, and they feel the hostile emotional stream that emanates from Normals. They are nonetheless raised to be of service to Normal society. When the star-cruiser Pegasus detects an alien, a spacecraft of sorts, but one with a large and highly organised central nervous system, there is only one Talent thought capable of establishing contact with it-Div Harlthor. He is an unaesthetic sight, a spindly teenager with angular blue-veined limbs, his fear and panic and anger packed into a tight ball inside himself. But his mental energy control is unprecedented. Div contacts the alien, then breaks away from the tyrannical authority of the ship's commander and catapults himself through an amazing metamorphosis that speeds him on an incredible odyssey. He is pursued by the Pegasus, whose captain believes Div is a threat to the human race...

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1979, Doubleday, hbk

1980, Sidgwick & Jackson, hbk

1985, Ace Books, pbk


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