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Non-Fiction: The Sport, History, Technique, Playing and Enjoyment of Golf

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2005. Bamburgh Castle Golf Club: The First 100 Years. 1904-2004
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McKeag, Gordon. 'Bamburgh Castle Golf Club: The First 100 Years. 1904-2004', published in 2005 in Great Britain, in hardback, 222p, ISBN 1902527399. Condition: Very good with some slight creasing to the cover corners, which have curled up ever so slightly. Price:  £15.75, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
2005, Bamburgh Castle Golf Club, hbk

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About this book: This book by Gordon McKeag about 'Bamburgh Castle Golf Club: The First 100 Years 1904-2004' was printed as a limited edition of only 1000 copies. Golf Monthly's 'Hidden Gems Handbook' says of Bamburgh Castle Golf Club: "This is quite possibly the most beautiful and most beautifully situated Golf Course in England." Lord Armstrong who, with the support of his friends, founded the Club in 1904 would have derived great satisfaction from this comment. He knew that two earlier Golf Clubs in Bamburgh had failed and that the success of this venture would be largely dependent upon summer visitors. What Lord Armstrong and his friends did not know was that, within 40 years, the future of both Club and Country would be threatened by two World Wars. The subsequent story of Bamburgh Castle Golf Club is one of struggle, survival and success. The story is told in the context both of the game's history and the history of Bamburgh Village. Happily, after a hundred years of golf on Budle Hills, the pure air, and the views of Cheviot, of the Farne Islands, of Lindisfarne and of the ever varied sands and sea are unchanged from those that our forbears and the founders of the Club enjoyed

About the author: Gordon McKeag was born (in 1929) and bred in the North East and was Senior Partner in a firm of solicitors in Newcastle until he retired from the practice. He has been a member of Bamburgh Castle Golf Club for nearly 40 years, was Captain of the club in 2002 and was Chairman at the time this book was published (2005).

Golf is not Gordon's only sporting interest. Having played for Northumberland at rugby and squash, and cricket at Tynemouth, he became a director and then Chairman at Newcastle United, President of the Football League and a Vice President of the Football Association. In 2005, he was also President of Jesmond L.T.A. and still plays tennis regularly in the vain hope of keeping old age at bay. His interest in the history of Golf and its artefacts was a factor in persuading him to undertake the writing of this history, for which he had no qualifications, other than his abiding love of the Club. A married man, his children have made their own contribution fo the recent history of the Club.

1. The Early Days of Golf
2. Bamburgh Village and Its Environs
3. Bamburgh Castle Golf Club 1904 - the Formation
4. Two Wars and Their Aftermath 1914-1949
5. The Post War Years 1950-1990
6. The Nineties - the End of a Millennium
7. The Millennium, the Centenary and Beyond
8. The Ladies Club
9. The Workmen's Club
10. Harry Gibb and Family
11. Professionals, Greenkeepers and Stewards
12. Caddies and Caddy Masters
13. The Course and Its Development
14. Dad's Army, Notes and Anecdotes
15. Bamburgh Castle - the Family Club
Appendix 1: Rules and List of Members 1905
Appendix 2: Office Holders and Trophy Winners
Appendix 3: Lady Captains and Trophy Winners



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