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1975. Norstrilia

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Smith, Cordwainer. 'Norstrilia', paperback, published in 1978 by Del Rey Science Fiction, 280 pages. Very good, nice, clean condition. Price £20.99, not including postage & packing, which for UK buyers is Amazon's standard £2.75, more for overseas buyers)
1978, Del Rey
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  • Norstrilia [top]
    First published 1975
    Third Printing in 1978, November. Del Rey Science Fiction, paperback
    First Canadian Printing: 1975, March, ISBN 0345278003
    Portions of this novel were published under different titles: The Planet Buyer (Copyright 1964); and The Underpeople (Copyright 1968 by Genevieve Linebarger)

Story: Rod McBan: The Hundred and Fifty-First. The Richest Boy in the Galaxy. He passed the test of the Garden of Death, but was still a telepathic cripple-a danger to Norstrilia his enemies claimed, as owner of the guarded planet's key landholding: the Station of Doom. The only road to safety, his computer told him was to become the richest man in the Universe...and he did, in one crowded, unbelievable night. The computer's logic was faultless...but Man isn't logical. And now Roderick Frederick Ronald William MacArthur McBan 151st had a galaxy of people-and other beings-out to rob him, to use him...or to kill him!

What happens in the story?

It starts with Rod McBan. We know his family was distinguished. We know the poor kid was born to troubles.

Why shouldn't he have troubles?

He was due to inherit the Station of Doom.

And then he gets around. He crosses all sorts of people. C'mell, the most beautiful of the girlygirls of Earth. Jean-Jacques Vomact, whose family must have preceded the human race. The wild old man of Adaminaby. The trained spiders of Earthport. The subcommissioner Teadrinker. The Lord Jestocost, whose name is a page in history. The friends of the Ee-telly-kelly, and a queer tankful of friends they were. B'dank, of the cattle-police. The Catmaster. Tostig Amaral, about whom the less said the better. Ruth, in pursuit. C'mell in flight. The Lady Johanna, laughing.

He gets away.

He got away. See, that's the story. Now you don't have to read it.

Except for the details.

They follow in the book itself...
[from introduction on the Del Rey paperback of Norstrilia, November 1978 reprint]



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