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1974. A Casebook of Military Mystery by Raymond Lamont Brown

Lamont Brown, Raymond. 'A Casebook of Military Mystery', published in August 1974 in hardback by Patrick Stephens Ltd, Cambridge, England, 184pp, ISBN 085059152x. Good condition copy with good condition dustjacket. Overall a nice clean copy. Price: £15.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overass)
1974, Patrick Stephens Ltd
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About the book: Ghosts are just as likely to play a game of billiards or make a broadcast as they are to rattle chains or appear headless in draughty corridors of gothic mansions, and this intriguing and often spinechilling book includes both traditional and more contemporary phantoms. It includes Cromwellian cavalrymen, Lancastrian Pikemen and Roman legionaries. They jostle for attention alongside World War II spectral bombardiers, ghostly Korean mercenaries, phantom GIs and ex-army train drivers.

The book is a sequel to the popular 'Phantoms, Legends, Customs and Superstitions of the Sea' and brings together accounts of ghostly sightings from all over the world, including France, America, Sweden, Turkey, The Far East, Germany and, of course, from Great Britain. Many of them are unexplainable and all of them are fascinating.

The book doesn't just restrict itself to apparitions of the dead. The author includes an in-depth study of the emergence of military occultism which took the form of idolatry, superstition, taboos, necromancy, divination, astrology, and cults reflected in flags and badges

About the author:
At the time of publication, the author was a consultant in occult research and had written several bestsellers on the supernatural, folklore, witchcraft and black magic. He had amassed a large collection of psychic data and photographs and is possessed of a formidable knowledge of military phantoms and occultism


Chapter 1. Phantoms At War
Combatants at Edgehill
Bloodshed on Marston Moor
Ghost soldiers haunt the golf course
Spectres over Sedgemoor
Woodcroft and Woodmanton
St. Albans' gory field
Phantom French Dragoons
Angels of Mons
Colonel Sien's Vanishing Army
A phosphorescent GI
Boullan and Dubus' occult battle
Mysteries at Flodden

Chapter 2. Gleanings from Galipoli
Death on the Royal Edward
Private Kirkpatrick and his ghostly donkey
Bombardier Moore's promise
An old soldier's revenge

Chapter 3. Spectral Armies
The ghostly soldiers of Souter Fell
Phantoms of a Danish Army
Spectral Soldiers of Cadbury Fort
Wild Edric and his ghostly warriors
The phantom highland army
Colonel Shepheard's story

Chapter 4. Raising Soldiers from the dead
General Batraville's experiments
Ritual processes
On the trail of treasure

Chapter 5. Classic European Evanescences
Death of the soldier king
From Major Van Hoek's journal
The priest and the grisly hand
The ghost of Napoleon
The ghost of the French general
A pot-pourri of revenants

Chapter 6. Far Eastern Shades

Chapter 7. Omens and Warnings
Korean dancing ghosts
Banshee of Rossmore
John Otway Wynyard
Major Blomberg's last wish
Disturbances at Sandford Orcas
Captain Dyke's visitor
Owen Howison's return
Charles I's restless subject

Chapter 8. Sir Walter Scott's favourite ghost

Chapter 9. Ghosts which soldier on
The spectral rider
Captain Wheatcroft of the 6th Dragoons
A Stranger in the Fog
One soldier-ghost plays billiards
Eugénie and the violet perfume
The ghost from Spion Kop
Companion on the march
In time of Need
The Spectral 'army chaplain'

Chapter 10. Ghostly sentries & men-at-arms
Ghost of the running sentry
More sentries at Windsor
Phantoms of the Tower of London
Wandering Souls
Cromwell's contemporaries
St. Thomas' assailants
Knights of the whirling table
Gatcombe's crusader
A tale from Washington Irving
What ails Earl Geoffrey?

Chapter 11. Romans, Rogues and Refugees
The phantom legionaries
Stone Age Refugees
Tramping footsteps
The drummer of Tedworth
Black Toby's Crime
Soldier Spectre at Leith Hall
Wandering Spirits in Ireland
A daughter of the regiment
Yarn of the jolly grenadier
The Unhappy German field marshal

Chapter 12. American Tales
General Garfield's experience
The embarrassing ghost at West Point
Help from the soldier-priest
The last Civil War veteran

Chapter 13. Supplement on the Dieppe Raid

Chapter 14. Some Military Traditions
Some customs, cults and ceremones
The Cult of Britannia

Chapter 15. Military Occultism
In serried ranks ensembled
The gods of war
Military cult heroes
Name, rank and horoscope
Bushido: the way of the warrior
Superstition and the soldier
The prophecy of war
They used dark forces
Music, dance and the spoken word
The realm of military phantoms

Bibliography; Index


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