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Kim Wilkins

Horror; Gothic; Dark Fantasy

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Kim Wilkins

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2002. Fallen Angel




Wilkins, Kim. 'Fallen Angel', published by Gollancz in 2002, 552 pages. Sorry, out of stock! Click image to access prebuilt search on Amazon
2002, Gollancz
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Storyline: Something high up in a window caught my eye. I glanced up, thought I saw a brief flash of an old face moving away from the glass. I didn't know why, but I felt frightened, and for a few moments I was rooted to the spot.

Sophie needs to pay the rent and a story on the occult would sell. The Lodge of the Seven Stars is good for research, but Sophie's a sceptic and doesn't believe in any of the rituals...until she meets the Wanderer, who has a story to tell her: a story of three sisters in seventeenth century London, their love for each other torn apart by an angel. Neither Plague, nor Paradise Lost, nor the Great Fire of London prevents the youngest from trying to save her sisters as they sink deeper and deeper into the angel's seductions.

And Sophie passes the point of no return...



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