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Alison Sinclair

Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Alison Sinclair

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1995. Legacies

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Sinclair, Alison. 'Legacies', published in larger format paperback in 1995 by Millennium, 330pp, 1857982665. Condition: Like new, clean, readable copy. Price:£2.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1995, Millennium
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  • Legacies [top]
    First published in 1995 in Great Britain by Millennium in hardback, ISBN 1857982649
    Published in 1995 in Great Britain by Millennium in paperback, 330pp, ISBN 1857982665 . Illustration by Peter Gudynas; Design: The Mule

Storyline: Brought up among the Kinder' el' ein, a race of alien empaths, Lian D'Halldt possesses great compassion. Badly injured as a child, at a pivotal moment of history, he has problems with speech-but no problems with perception. Lian misses nothing.

He is from a population of pioneers who, 66 years before, endured bitter division on their home world of Burdania. The people split into two, some leaving to explore the vastness of space, some staying, denying that such exploration should even take place. But then came tragedy: the pioneers, in their leaving, created a cataclysm that devastated Burdania. Now a small group, descendants of the original pioneers, is preparing to return. Their culture can no longer live with unfulfilled responsibilities and guilt. There is once more strife and division, but the time has come to go home, and face the legacies of the past.

Legacies is the tale of one people, split into two: of the epoch-making events that occur when contact is once again established; and of a young hero standing at the dividing line of yesterday and tomorrow. It is a novel of many facets-wondrous alien habitats and new worlds, terrible decisions undertaken with courage and hope, communities in turmoil, the tremendous will to survive.


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