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Walter Tevis

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Walter Tevis

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1980. Mockingbird

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Tevis, Walter. 'Mockingbird', published in 1980 by the Science Fiction Book Club, Volume 2:1, hardcover, with dustjacket. Sorry, out of stock, but click image to access prebuilt Amazon search for this title!
1980, SFBC
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  • Mockingbird [top]
    1st Edition: 1980, published in the USA by Doubleday & Company, Inc.
    First published in Great Britain in 1980 by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.
    Reprinted in hardcover in 1981 by The Science Fiction Book Club Volume 2: Issue 1, with white dustjacket featuring front panel depicting Canary Wharf-like tower glimpsed through a gap between stands of tropical forest, 248 pages.

Story: Mockingbird is a book which belongs to the genre of science fiction that uses the future as a springboard for the author's own ideas. (As an idea of what it's not-other science fiction works belong to the realm of pure science fiction, where the reader delights in the creation of strange worlds, and peoples, and the author's predictions of what science may uncover). Mockingbird is part fable, part science fiction, part novel of ideas. The story itself is set in the next century: in a world controlled by robots, where reading is forgotten and illegal. Only Paul Bentley, discovering a book one day, decides to teach himself to read and later finds a girlfriend, Mary Lou, willing to help him fight against the system. Opposed to them is the master robot, Spofforth, who while he must defeat their ambitions has a sense of human sympathies which makes him only too vulnerable to the cause they are fighting.

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