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1967. Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Things

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Berg, Dave. 'Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Things', published in November 1967 in the United States by Signet Books, in paperback, 192pp. Condition: Good, but vintage copy with some mild wear to the cover edges and a crease to the top corner of the front cover. Price: £2.95, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1967, Signet Books, pbk
In stock, click to buy for £2.95, not including post and packing

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About this book: -it's a funny and witty look at the irritating things in life from Dave Berg, using pages and pages of cartoons (all in black and white). It's an old volume, but the cartoons are as relevant, funny and fresh today as they were then because the situations are from real life and people are still doing the same things that irritated Dave Berg into making cartoons of them in the sixties!

Cartoons included here are:
Kid Things; Home is Where the Hand Is; Fountain of Youth; Kickin' Kin; Dollars and Sense; Tuned Out; Reverse English; Adolescent Things; Stage-Stuck; Party Organizers; Came the Yawn; Declaration of Independence; Wishing for Rein; The Lost Cord; The Catered Fare; Figuratively Speaking; Mind Over Mater; Shuttle Hint; Upon Reflection; Things Around the Home; Owning Up To The Truth; Domestic Yelp; Keeping Down with the Joneses; Fun in the Sun; Spare Room; Pet Peeve; Shop Talk; A Moving Speech; Hide-And-Go-Seek; Fed-Up; Guesting Game; The Taste Test; Buttered Toast; Community Things; Counter-Move; Falling Into A Pattern; Biting Criticism; Shopworn; Applying the Breaks; Bed Riddance; Optical Delusion; Auto Motives; Serves Her Right; Things on the Job; Tough Kookie; A Man's Home is His Hassle; Sick Call; Contributing Factor; Labor Pains; Executive Suite; Caffein Free; Thinking Capped; National Things; On the Critical List; Hate Makes Waste; Bust and Boom; Ban the Bond; Like Thy Enemy; The Fat of the Land; Common Denominations


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