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Jerry Pournelle

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1982 (and later editions) King David's Spaceship

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Pournelle, Jerry. 'King David's Spaceship', published in 1982 by the Science Fiction Book Club, Volume 3:12, 334pp, hardcover with dustjacket.Sorry, sold out! But click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon!
1982, SFBC
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  • King David's Spaceship [top]
    First published in the UK in 1982 by Macdonald and Co.
    Reprinted in 1982 by The Science Fiction Book Club, Volume 3, Issue 12, hardcover with dustjacket, 334 pages

Storyline: This adventure is set in the same galactic empire of the future as was so successfully portrayed in 'The Mote in God's Eye'. Prince Samual's World has been isolated from the galactic empire for 300 years and is now a network of squabbling kingdoms that, left to themselves, would have feuded their way to peaceful civilisation along the usual course of evolving worlds. But time is a luxury that Prince Samual's World no longer has; it has been rediscovered by the Imperial Navy, and is to be annexed to the Empire in the lowest possible status:a colony without voting privileges. Given another 50 years, it could have developed some sort of primitive space travel, and been admitted to the Empire as a Class Two planet; a member rather than a subject.
But the Empire has reckoned without Colonel Nathan MacKinnie, a patriot with a plan. Not far from Prince Samual's World lies the primitive planet of Makassar. A planet noted for the relentless war waged there by barbarian tribes against the monks who represent 'civilisation'-and for a great library of books left by the first settlers from Old Earth, precious relics guarded by the Makassar religious order. Within this collection lies the knowledge that built starships in the first place. And Nathan MacKinnie determines to use it in order to build another.
And so an expedition of 'traders' goes to Makassar, hitching a ride ignominiously on a ship they could not have built themselves. With his military background, MacKinnie may not seem the logical man to lead an expedition in search of books-but before he can bring back any lost secrets of physics, he will have to rescue the library and its guardian monks from the barbarians who have besieged it. It is a dangerous mission-and it leads to a climax.


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