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Horrible Science Magazines

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Horrible Science Magazines from Eaglemoss Publications [under construction]

14th December 2015. Please note that we have lots of these in stock and it will take time to sort out all the listings, so why not contact us to see if we have them?! We will combine postage savings for multiple orders. Nos 1-53 have now been loaded onto Amazon UK. Please bear with us - it takes a long time to properly write and code each listing on Amazon UK

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Mags 1-10

Mags 21-30

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Index to Magazine Issues 1 - 80:

  1. Beastly Body Bits
  2. Chemical Chaos
  3. The Smashing Solar System
  4. Disgusting Digestion
  5. Shocking Electricity
  6. Hidden Horrors In The Home
  7. Bulging Brains
  8. Savage Spiders & Slippery Slimeballs
  9. Rotten Reactions
  10. Beastly Bloody Body Bits
  11. Awful Earth
  12. Mad as Matter
  13. Painful Poisons
  14. Bones 'n' Groans
  15. Insect Invaders
  16. Super Sleuth
  17. Nasty Nature
  18. Fearsome Fuels
  19. Deadly Diseases
  20. Gruesome Gravity
  21. Mean Machines
  22. Universe & Worse....
  23. Vicious Veg
  24. Body Owner's Manual
  25. Lethal Lightning
  26. Mean Mammals
  27. Mighty Magnetism
  28. Awesome Ants & Sleazy Bees
  29. Fatal Forces
  30. Crazy Cures & Revolting Recipes
  31. Barmy Birds
  32. Blast Off!
  33. Evil Evolution
  34. Horrible Heat
  35. Freaky Fish
  36. Startling Senses
  37. Sounds Dreadful
  38. Sinister Swamps
  39. Ghastly Genes
  40. Microscopic Monsters
  41. Mad Medicine
  42. Foul Frogs & Slimy Toads
  43. Terrible Time
  44. Frightening Light
  45. Dangerous Dinosaurs
  46. More Painful Poisons
  47. Fearsome Flight
  48. Foul Food
  49. Staying Alive
  50. Fearsome Flying Machines
  51. Revolting Reptiles
  52. Dead Freezing
  53. Noisy Nature
  54. Growing Up Grossly
  55. Foul Fungi
  56. More Dangerous Dinosaurs
  57. Blinding Light
  58. Gruesome Germs
  59. Slimy Sea Monsters
  60. It's About Time
  61. Perilous Planes
  62. Big And Bad Beasts
  63. Shady Spies
  64. Musical Mayhem
  65. Prehistoric Pests
  66. Baffling Brainboxes
  67. Mind Boggling Matters
  68. Pesky Plants
  69. Wicked Weather
  70. Underwater Uglies
  71. Mean Body Machine
  72. Rowdy Robots
  73. Gruesome Guzzling
  74. Nuclear Nasties
  75. Mind Magic
  76. Hairy Humans
  77. Freaky Future
  78. Horrid Healthcare
  79. Awful Inventions
  80. How to be a Suffering Scientist

Three special magazines have been issued with the series:

S1. DIY Shocking Science

S2. Spooky Science

S3. Alien Science

1. Beastly Body Bits [top]

Mags 11-20

Mags 31-40


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