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Andrew Smith

Model Engineering & Design

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Andrew Smith
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1977. Building the 'OCLE' Open Column Launch Engine

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Smith, Andrew. 'Building the 'OCLE' Open Column Launch Engine:Constructional Details by Andrew Smith', published in 1977 by MAP Technical/Henley Engineering publications, 24pp, ISBN 0852425066/0905180011. Condtion:Good, clean copy. Price:£15.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers & more for overseas customers)
1977, MAP
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Contents: The book gives detailed instructions to the beginner on how to complete this "quick" project. Some steam theory is also given so that the reasons for the various parts and their operation is understood. Sections: Flywheel, cylinder head, crank disc, columns, piston, valve, valve housing, main bearing, steam line & steam connection, wrist pin & crank pin, crankshaft, connecting rod, baseplate, use of "filing buttons", screw threads, parts list

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Smith, Andrew. 'Building the 'OCLE' Open Column Launch Enginep18-19

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