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Spider Robinson

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Spider Robinson

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1976. Telempath

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  • Telempath [top]
    First published in 1976 by Macdonald's and Jane's publishers. Reprinted in hardcover in 1978 by The Readers Union

Storyline:A deadly virus has been unleashed and causes the death of the major part of humanity. The virus magnifies the sense of smell, driving most people mad or, in horror, to suicide. Cities become uninhabitable, and the few survivors flee to the country to seek a new life and build new communities. But all human relationships have irretrievably changed, and men have become like animals, tracing and knowing each other through the sense of smell. And, above all, man can now identify and smell the gaseous telepathic beings who inhabit the skies-the Muskies. They had always been with us, undetected, at the tips of ours senses-called variously ghosts, poltergeists, demons, vampires, gremlins-but now they refuse to share the Earth with Man. The only one who can hope to reason with them is Isham Stone-a survivor, a young black soldier, and assassin, who has to discover agonizing truths about himself and about the peculiar destiny that he must fulfil.


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