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1930. Five Pantomimes by T. E. Ellis (Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis)

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Ellis, T. E. 'Five Pantomimes' published by Elkin, Mathews & Marrot, in hardback, 202pp. Condition: Fair, wholly readable and intact condition with some tanning to internal pages (browning effect from ageing) and some marks to the front cover. No dustjacket. Overall very decent condition. Price: £4.95, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1930; Elkin, Mathews and Marrot, hbk

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  • Five Pantomimes by T. E. Ellis
    Written by T. E. Ellis (Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis)
    First published in 1930 in Great Britain by Elkin, Mathews & Marrot, in hardback, 202pp, no ISBN. Possibly published with dustjacket, but this is unconfirmed

About this book/synopsis: ‘Five Pantomimes’ was published in hardback in 1930, is 202 pages long and was written by T. E. Ellis (Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis), the 8th Baron Howard de Walden, 4th Baron Seaford (May 9, 1880 – November 5, 1946). The book includes: The Reluctant Dragon; The Beauties and the Beast; Bluebeard; The Sleeping Beauty and Puss and Brutes. The author writes in his Author's Note that he wrote these  pantomimes relucantly on the insistence of his children and that the plays had to be adapted to the varying abilities of the family and at the same time conform to the unanimous desire that the stories be turned upside down! The desire to turn the stories upside down was given fresh impetus from the first story 'The Reluctant Dragon', which is taken from the story by Kenneth Grahame practically without change. From there the author continued on his own way treating each fairy tale with the same cheerful irreverence creating four additional fairy tale pantomimes. The author amusingly notes that the resulting pantomimes have come out completely unsuitable for children and that this is his children's own fault having made the most outrageous suggestions as to what each is about and how it goes. The Reluctant Dragon was produced in 1923; Beauties and the Beast in 1924; Blue Beard in 1926; The Sleeping Beauty in 1927; and Puss and Brutes in 1929.
THE RELUCTANT DRAGON: Shepherd’s Wife, Shepherd’s Boy, Shepherd, The Dragon, St. George, and Villagers.
THE BEAUTIES AND THE BEST: [Scenes 1 & 2: The Merchant’s House; Scenes II and IV: The Beast’s Onion Farm] A merchant, his daughters: Fatima, Zohrab, Khurrat, Raasha, The Beast, The Magician
BLUE BEARD: The Emir, Fatima (his wife), Selim (Fatima’s Brother), Anne (Fatima’s Sister), Zuleika (Blue Beard’s housekeeper, Abdul (Blue Beard’s Butler), Hassan (a small black slave), Blue Beard’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives.
THE SLEEPING BEAUTY: Leech, Chamberlain, King, Queen, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fairies, Princess, and Prince.
PUSS AND BRUTES: [Act 1: Dandini’s Office; Act II, Scene I: The Withdrawing Room of the Carabas Mansion, 10p.m.; Act II, Scene II: The Prince Room in the Palace, 11.45; Act III, Scene I: As Act II, Scene I, the following morning; Act II, Scene II: As Act II, Scene II, the following evening]. Prince Charming of Wallacia, Dandini (Chief of Police), Police No. 37 (alias Larry the Lynx), The Marchioness Carabas (sister to Dandini), Hypatia (an aviatress), Utopia (a channel swimmer) – both Hypatia and Utopia are daughters of Lady Carabas, No. 38 (alias Sam the Stoat), No. 43 (alias Walt the Weazel), No. 45 (alias Sid the Sparrow), The Marquis Carabas, Cinderella (daughter to Carabas), and The Cat. Act


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